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October 30th 2007
Published: September 29th 2008
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The school decided to let us off with a week! A whole week to not teach and also to give us some spending money, so wasn't going to pass off this opputunity to get out of the province. Felt like Yunnan was getting too small for me in relation to traveling. So I looked up on the good old c-trip for cheap flights and one of the cheapest was to Guiyang which I had never heard about and there was barely any information in the lonely planet book, but it seemed like the best idea so decided to take full advantage of it. So a early morning flight to Guiyang was the go ahead, we some how nearly missed the flight even though we were at the airport hours early but got distracted by others.

Guiyang is deffinetly not the ideal city for westerners. Thankfully the limited amount of Chinese between us was good enough to get us into the city centre. And then after 3 hours of walking around trying to find a cheap place, I think we ended up in a crap hole and paid alot for it 30RMB. Guiyang has so much construction work going on. Cranes
water garden water garden water garden

before the waterfalls
were in the sky everywhere we looked. It wasn't the most pleasent place to arrive at but nonetheless it would mean an adventure. The city of Guiyang actually ahd a few attractions including a big old temple on the main river running through the city. The river reminded me of the Yarra river in Melbourne. There was this louve style looking building which ended up being Walmart which was pretty different and a new way to attract people I thought. There was also this enormous statue of Mao which could been seen from ages away, it was quite impressive. We had an amazing BBQ dinner off the main street. A beer, and meat was exactly what the doctor order and it went down so fast. There was a good night life atmosphere in this city, but also for some reason it did seem a bit more dangerous then Guilin, Kunming and Sichuan. I later read that it is city of high crime rates and we were probably the only westerners in the city.

The next day we left to Anshun waterfalls which were aparently the biggest waterfalls in Asia. And no doubt it was huge! It was quite amazing
Over the water monument Over the water monument Over the water monument

Pretty damn cool looking
how big it was. There were so many tourists at the waterfall though. Chinese tourists are always the hardest to get through I find. But we walked above, around and THROUGH the waterfall. It was really amazing and the Guiness book of records actually said that this was the only waterfall in the world were going through it was possible.. I think. The signs were in Chinglish naturally. After spending the whole day at the waterfalls, it was really great we ended up going back to Anshun town and found an expensive but must needed place to stay considering the conditions in the last place we stayed at. On the way to the hotel I ended up eating a pork bun which I would regret later that night. For dinner we had this AMAZING BBQ fish. Never eaten a fish so nice in my whole life. We picked the fish out and they killed it and gutted infront of us and we hat a tray in which it cooked. It was really awesome fish! And as most people who I traveled with know fish is my favourite. The atmosphere in Anshun was so much better then in Guiyang and the food was great. It was an expensivve meal but worth it.

After a stomach pain day we left to go to the caves but by the time we reached them and started to explore we realised that we should probably hurry back to Guiyang to get our train back to Kunming. But the caves for the brief moment were pretty damn cool and deep. The co-ordination to the caves was annoying and confusing and painfully slow at times but nonetheless it was still a good experience.
Guizhou was overall full of amusement for a few days!


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