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July 29th 2008
Published: July 29th 2008
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Well, we are officially still three, but our fourth member is in mid air as we speak. Her flight arrives around 5:30PM. We can't wait to see her look of bewilderment as she walks out of the terminal on her own, the way we did about two and a half weeks ago. We want to watch her experience what we did because at the time it all seemed to have happened so fast we don't remember it all clearly.

For those of you who do not know Christina, which is almost all of you, she is a fellow Brooks teacher. She has the most annoying New York strut and she is a Yankees fan. You would have thought our relationship was doomed from the very beginning, but business aside, she is a good soul with a warm heart. She has never been out of the country, unless you include her Mexico getaway, but when you stay at a resort, it really doesn't count. I've nicknamed her the New York Princess (NYP for short), as planning for this trip she gave several small yet forceful demands as to ensure her success and happiness for the remaining 3 weeks. I'm hoping, after reading the blog, she has decided there is not enough room for her mousse. This trip is probably the biggest leap for her, so hold your breaths because I'm sure she is in for a rude awakening. Especially when she has to step over the Khoa San Rd hooker like we did this morning, rolling around the street, on the way to Starbucks.

The show last night can only be described as AMAZING! I have never seen anything like it before. Elephants walking in the aisles! A stage and then suddenly a river appears, big enough for the man to jump in. Can't even describe it.

Thanks for following along!

Thai Kho and Crew

RIP Estelle Getty. I will always love you Sophia. My heart goes out ot the remaining "Girls" Bea, Rue and Betty. When I get back, I will wear my Golden Girls shirt with pride.

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He was literally just chillin in the parking lot, not attached to anything!
So CuteSo Cute
So Cute

They made me a coconut thing that was delicious

The process of making silk was very interesting

I know this truly shows my immaturity, but when is the last time you saw an elephant peeing? Exactly, the same time I did, NEVER.

I forgot to add this picture to another entry. Can you imagine this is their gym? No one here seems to need it though...just the tourists.

29th July 2008

I can't wait to hear here reactions tomorrow. So glad we're gonna meet up!
29th July 2008

1. It's 3:50AM and I randomly woke I found myself online reading your blog...I have no clue. 2. These are the most "reasonable" pics so may be the first time I wasn't COMPLETELY horrified. 3. Still about the pics.....VERY entertained/fascinated by the elephant peeing...looks like it DUMPED a bucket of water. I went to the Anheuser Busch Plant in NH for a tour last week and was fascinated by similar experiences with the Clydesdales...we'll talk about that later though (we'll keep it PG). 4. Sad about Estelle..thought of you right away...loved little Sophia. 5. Miss you too much....get home safely. Love, Me xo
29th July 2008

A smile on my face??
Kristin, this actually looks like a vacation collage! Could it be?? Although what you told me was fruit does not look like a banana or peach from the US! I'll be sure to show Jaclyn the picture of your peeing elephant when she wakes up - start'r off young! All is well here. We miss you as always and pray for a safe trip for Christina. Keep us posted! I have so many people hooked to the blog!!! LOVE YOU!!!! xoxox (p.s. Grammy took a complete tizzy yesterday over the mouse blog and I believe her words were something like this.."you tell her if she even thinks of "pulling" something like this again I'll stick my God Damn foot down her throat." And then the second part of it went something like.."she better get a God Damn physical when she comes back, I don't care what precautions she took!") You're in trouble, you're in trouble!!! Nanananaananaaaaa!
29th July 2008

Elephants just don't care. Maybe Christina can show them some manors. Cause you 3 are not even close to teaching them anything. And you call yourself Teachers. :)
29th July 2008

How much wt. have you lost??
Kristen, Are those hard-boiled eggs with grass skirts? And exactly what was on that plate, I didn't recognize any fruit! As for the elephant, considering that "good luck."
29th July 2008

Kristin...I really look forward to your bogs...I am learning so much....I miss you and REALLY cannot wait untill you are saftely back in does the accent sount with that hint of Cambodian???? Love safe!!!!!
29th July 2008

what kind of fruit looks like eggs with hair?
29th July 2008

What kind of fruits are they...My stomach started to roll...again...Please let us know if Christinas mousse comes with her....Love and be careful Mom
29th July 2008

UM yeah
Boy oh boy, I think I would lose 40 pounds in 6 weeks! What the hell is that....looks like to recently laid eggs in a nest, and some bizarre fish type thing with poppy seeds. God Bless you! Miss you lots. I love the pictures, and I almost peed my pants with the elephant that is funny it's like a flood. Be safe Nic
29th July 2008

Elephant Peeing
Haha. Thank you for including that. I just giggled like a child at my desk in work.
29th July 2008

Kristin; sorry to bust your bubble but I too have seen an elephant pee. Many moons ago though it was but I have one up on you. Have you ever seen them s t; now that is a sight. They look just like logs. So if you did'nt see that you're very lucky. Hope you're having the time of your life. We all miss you. Love ya. Auntie
29th July 2008

Can't wait for the NYP to arrive!
Your pictures look great! Although, again I would like to see YOU in some of them. I am constantly getting yelled out about being on the computer too much. I am obessed with your blog. I may have found us a school to teach at next summer in India. whadda say? It's in the slums so it should be right up your alley. I saw pictures of the kids.. oh my god you'll fall in love!
29th July 2008

Is that really fruit???
What kind of fruit is that???
29th July 2008

Kristin, I love reading your adventures, They are the only vacation I will get this summer. I like the elephant peeing anywhere he wants, sounds like a plan to me!!!
29th July 2008

I don't know what's funnier, the elephant peeing or picturing your grandmother saying those things to Nicole. Can you just picture her? Elephant picture-funny, Grandmother-Priceless! You are definitely in for some trouble, after she hugs and kisses you. Enjoy but I want to be there when you visit Corrine!!!!!
30th July 2008

Great Diet for Me!
What a great diet. I'd never touch one bite! Hope the remaining 3 weeks are more fun! Debbie
30th July 2008

Enjoy it!
Hey Kristin, I am glad you are having such a great time! Enjoy every moment of it! Breanna and Bayley
31st July 2008

Breanna and Bayley
Yeah! I LOVE the name, especially how you spelled it. I def want to go running when I get back. Congrats!!
31st July 2008

Maureen (cousin)
I know, I feel the fear Gram already. Someone will have to protect me.
31st July 2008

One legged Murphy, how you holding up?
31st July 2008

Auntie Ginger
We go elephant trekking in a few days, so there is still time for me to "see it all"
31st July 2008

Oh, you mentioned Dunkins and my heart beat a bit faster. So, does snorkeling mean you went south on your cruise? I want to see pictures.
31st July 2008

Andrea M
Yes, our mouse experience was quite different than yours. You ran to yours with open arms and we ran from ours in open arms.
31st July 2008

Ha ha ha! I KNEW you'd like that picture.
31st July 2008

Those eggs have eyelashes!
You posted a couple of those pictures for the benefit of the fifth grade boys, didn't you? Enjoy the north. Thanks for taking us with you! PS. Be warned, the Sox are folding like a lawnchair... don't let Christina get to you!

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