Breakfast With The President

July 30th 2008
Published: July 30th 2008
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For a very brief time we had the pleasure of being in the presence of the one and only Mr Paci, fellow Brooks teacher extraordinaire. The pictures will speak for themselves. Other than missing a fellow member Karen, why did you need to get married? I hate sharing you with Ross!), we had a refreshing pep talk and saw him off to the airport.

We are now about to board a 15 hour train ride to Chang Mai to Northern Thailand. I haven't slept in about 4 nights, so I'm hoping this sleeper train brings all the tranquility I am lacking at the moment.

Christina arrived safe and sound, waking in the middle of the night asking me if I thought bugs were on her toothbrush. It was a priceless moment.

Wish us luck!

Thai Kho, Thai Teenie and Crew

PS So, the plate of fruit caught some of your attention. Clockwise, starting on the left: rambutan, dragon fruit, mango (or papaya)

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Our hotelOur hotel
Our hotel

Christina's first night

30th July 2008

Poor Christina...
Hey girls...Happy to know you are all still well. Just so you know every time I log on and see anything in the inbox I do a little "please be a blog, please be another blog" in my head until I see your name/or not in my inbox. Love the blog! Well I have not met Christina yet and I have to say, this is not a good first impression. haaaa! Shhhh, don't tell her but I wouldn't show that particular picture off at the first day of school. You are lucky she was willing to have you share it on the blog with us. ha! Is that Paci's hotel??? Now that looks vacationesque! Is that you in the picture? Are you wearing a dress? I know that was not in the backpack. Be safe on your travels and keep us posted! I can't wait for August so I can start to count down the days til you come home. We miss and love you! God Bless! xxoxoxo
30th July 2008

What a great hotel!
That picture doesn't even do the place justice. I'll have to post some of my room. I got to thinking about it and realized that I paid all that money for 6 1/2 hours of having that room! Worth every penny, especially to see the looks on your faces!
30th July 2008

The Cheese Stands Alone
I miss you guys so much! I told Ross he's on his own next summer, I can't stand this! I am glad to see you guys in a picture:) I think the picture of Christina sleeping in her net is amazing. I hope you have a safe trip to Chang Mai, and I am looking forward to hearing all about your new adventures in Thailand.
30th July 2008

Is the thing with a grass skirt some type of egg??? Why can't you stay at "his" type of hotel?? if all 4 of you are sharing the room?? Please ladies...upgrade....Love Mom
30th July 2008

Chopped liver
What am I then, chopped liver? I know I´m the newbie at Sound bites, but aren´t you the one who tried to oust the President with a sneaky coup d état involving moi? Now, scant weeks later, I don´t even get a mention. Wait till I see the President, I´m telling him everything now! mike
30th July 2008

Kristen, why is it you're standing in front of and not staying in what looks to be a very nice, bug/mice free hotel???
30th July 2008

Too short but very sweet.
Well, I think the comment line says it all. Just the pick me up I needed to get through the next 3 1/2 weeks.
30th July 2008

just like camp
even my worst days as Camp Director could not compare to this VACATION...I am not jealous of your travels at all...I just do not know how your are handling this all so well...what happened to that young lady who was nervous sleeping at the convent in NJ...WOW...things sure have changed...keep the blog makes me appreciate what I have...
30th July 2008

I must say I like Eric's hotel a lot better than yours!!!!! But where's Stephanie?????? Have fun! Debbie
31st July 2008

lucky girls!
Poor Christina. Why did she think their were bugs on her toothbrush? Never mind, I don't think I want to know. So Paci held out on you girls, huh? Some leader! Letting you get attacked by mice while wines and dines!! Hee hee! I miss all you guys and it is so nice to see you together sharing such a cool experience together! Have fun and stay safe! :) Camille
31st July 2008

Leave it to Eric to stay in that "palace." Now that's my kind of place..... Seeing Christine sleeping (or trying to) with that net over head made me feel as if I had bugs crawling all over me and that fruit. looked awful.......... Good luck my girlfriends. Be safe!!!
31st July 2008

I can't even begin to tell you how many times your name has come up!! Miss you like crazy BFF
31st July 2008

Exactly, some fearless leader he is. So typical!! Hope you are enjoying your summer. Any school news yet?
31st July 2008

Stephanie is already back home. He better have stayed at places like this when she was with him!
31st July 2008

Oh, just the thought of that convent. I never so it's true potential. I would rather have a cot at school than some of these places, but for the most part, most have been nice.
31st July 2008

Seriously, we used the bathroom after you left. We would stay there, on the floor, and still pay.
31st July 2008

Thanks for joining! I think our last night will be in a place like this one.
31st July 2008

Mike Allen
Oooo, I can hear the anger and bitterness in your voice. Come on now, SB for two years, you show up three times. Are you committed for the next 30 years?
31st July 2008

Hey, have you found Thailand on the map yet. I'll give you a hint, start in Boston and just keep going right until you get to China, then go down a bit.
31st July 2008

I think you could do a few days like this, but I'm just not so sure you could do it for weeks. Am I underestimating you?
31st July 2008

Nicole (sister)
We are in the home stretch now! Give J tons of kisses from me. Make sure you are well stalked with doritos and chicken dinos.
31st July 2008

All on your own? You enjoying it? Do you know where you are staying yet? Fill me in. I know I should be more scared of bears than mice, but at the moment, mice win.
31st July 2008

Mr. President
HI, glad you were all able to meet up with Eric. An experience and memory to have forever as you all grow old together. How is christina doing? Tell her although I am not a NYP, I'd probably feel like she did. enjoy and stay safe. thinking of all of you LUcille P.s. Eric makes sure he gets the best right....!!!!!!!!
31st July 2008

31st 2008 - Author's Reply Howell: Patty Hey, have you found Thailand on the map yet. I'll give you a hint, start in Boston and just keep going right until you get to China, then go down a bit.....IS THAT FOR ME??? COULD THE FOUR OF YOU SPLIT A NICE HOTEL MAYBE FOR YOUR LAST WEEK INSTEAD OF THE LAST NIGHT?? BE CAREFUL LOVE MOM
31st July 2008

No, you are probably not underestimating me. I think our ideas of vacations are different. I'm not sure I could survive something like the "mouse incident".
1st August 2008

Dave is on his way to pick up our computer FINALLY yeahh.... I was lost without the thing..... Now I will be able to see your blog and pictures Umm How do you sleep with that net over your head it must make it hot when you breath. I am glad you guys are safe and enjoying yourself Love Andrea Miss Ya
4th August 2008

Andrea G
The net hangs, so it doesn't touch your body at all. Christina was just panicing. Been to the beach lately? What's been going on? Fill me in on things
22nd August 2008

Rock on honey buns
Glad to see you are living life!!!!!! Jeana is thinking about Africa next year......that was until I told her how much airfare costs.

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