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October 29th 2005
Published: November 2nd 2005
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Floating on waterFloating on waterFloating on water

These gentlemen seem to be floating on water but are standing on a large wooden "raft" that is being pulled down the Chao Playa river by a tugboat.
The trip back to Bangkok was very efficient and comfortable. I caught the "fast" catamaran from the island back to the mainland and from there was herded onto a large, air conditioned bus. I was able to lay down on the area under the television and catch a few "zzz" before we hit Bangkok 8 hours later (8pm). Having been here before was helpful in that I new a good guest house on Rambuttri (Rambuttri Villiage Inn). It is a bit expensive at $11 per day but I get hot water! I have not had hot water for over two weeks. It is amazing the little things you miss. I stood in the show for about an hour letting the hot water fall on me and smiling/laughing.

I met up with my friend Tamar (we met in Goa) and we will travel together for about a month. We partook in the fun of Kho Sahn Road by hitting a few bars and clubs. She was even kind enough to join me to the Pat Pong section of town which is famous for the clubs that feature shows in which women showcase unsuall talents. It is a bit revolting at times
Need I say more?Need I say more?Need I say more?

This is one of the many Sex Show bars in the Pat Pong area of Bangkok. They are famous for women who can perform outlandish tricks.
but a "must see" when visiting Bangkok. Sorry if I offend anyone. We also hit a bar which showcases "ladyboys" or men who have undergone sex changes. While I could identify most, there were 1 or 2 which were hard to recognize. The surgeons here must be the best.

We caught a Thai boxing match on friday. These fighters are very hard fellows as they kick, knee, elbow and punch each other for five rounds or until someone gets knocked out. Some of the blows are frightening to watch. We sat ringside where we could feel some of the shots.

Saturday we spent some time at the Chatuchak Weekend Market to pick up a few things before hitting the road again. It is off to Chaing Mai via an overnight bus (12 hours....ugh).

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Somehow he followed me from Japan and found me in Bangkok!
Ladies of the nightLadies of the night
Ladies of the night

The myriad of massage joints in Bangkok lure in customers by having their "workers" sit outside wearing skimpy outfits. Their ploy did not work on me!
Out ColdOut Cold
Out Cold

The boxer in the foreground in the red trunks celebrates with his manager as the boxer in the background, who got caught with an elbow to the face and fell like Enron stock, is carried off on a stretcher.
Waiting in lineWaiting in line
Waiting in line

This boxer waits ringside until his match is up.
Full HouseFull House
Full House

Even with the cheapest ticket at 1,000 baht ($25 UD dollars), the house was packed. The stadium is a tin roof structure with fans on the ceiling. It made me think of the Rumble in the Jungle between Ali and Frasier.
Police thirst quencherPolice thirst quencher
Police thirst quencher

On Khoa Sahn Road, even the police get into the "bucket" act.
Colors of Chatuchak Weekend Market Colors of Chatuchak Weekend Market
Colors of Chatuchak Weekend Market

A vendor sells many colors of powder (not sure what they were for and he did not speak english).
Fish of Chatuchak Weekend Market Fish of Chatuchak Weekend Market
Fish of Chatuchak Weekend Market

Two of the more strange looking fish available for purchase at the market.
Cooked foods of the marketCooked foods of the market
Cooked foods of the market

These fish and shrimp were not so lucky as they were available for eating.

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