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September 17th 2007
Published: September 17th 2007
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Alright.. Here's the deal. That last one was meant to be put up ages ago but I totaly forgot to push the post button so you get it late. Deal with it :P. But since then life has, well, been amazingly slow... which is a good thing.

After phuket which I cant remember if I mentioned it, but it totaly sucked. It completely reminded me of the bangkok red light district which you can imagine is completely sleazed out. So, I deaked. Headed straight to Ko Tao and met a bunch of randoms on the way. The night boat from the mainland to the island was... well... a little rocky. I didnt get sick at all which is completely surprising because I used to get crazy motion sickness from these boats but I fealt great. On the other hand, absolutely everyone around me was puking there guts out. When I say everyone around, I mean 6 people directly adjacent to me. Of course I fealt really bad for em and all, but, haha I fealt ok which was exceptionaly re-assuring considering all the boats/raods i'll be on in the near future.

Once on Ko tao I met a couple of brits (not a couple, just friends). A guy named Yatin who I got on really well with and a cute girl named Allice who just couldnt remember my name even though it's "her name with a T". Talka she kept calling me. Anyways we had a really good time makin fun of each other and just chillin out on the beach. After a couple nights in a dirty island hut we went over and found Anja on the other beach; which by the way was a way nicer beach with a much mellower atmosphere. Anyways, we (myself and the english folk) relocated over to Chao lok ban on the south side of the island where it was much quieter and nicer and whatev you get the idea. Deffinately a worthe-while move.

One of the days we decided to walk up into the islands interior and try and find these un-marked view-points with only a brutal map. Needless to say we walked for hours and hours in the jungle on little trails in search of the "two-view viewpoint". All the while Anja's travel buddy lindsay from leeds was horribly sick to the stomach and struggled/fought her way through the whole thing. So we were always kinda lookin for a way back to the nearest available taxi which turned out to be about an hour walk away. Poor girl.

The next day everyone seemed to have their own thing to do except Anja and I. So in the afternoon we walked over to the next beach down and relaxed in the late afternoon sun before this monsoon hit. Now there had been monsoons almost everyafternoon but they never really turned out to be much of a big deal; so we didnt really worry too much about the oncomming clouds. This time we were out floating around in the water (which I can do effortlessly here by the way which is just so mindblowing to me... a never ending star float) when the storm came in and we decided to head in after the waves had seriously picked up and Anja had already cut her foot open like three times on the coral and stepped on an urchin or something like that. ANyways, we headed in and basicaly huddled together under my sarong while waiting for the rain to stop. Cause man the rain was comming down and of course, I the "shiver hulk", was at my best lets say.

The most recent news however is that we arrived in BKK this morning at like 4am or something rediculous, booked into a hostel (the merry V, which by the way is one of the really tall ones directly behind the wat near ko sahn) and bought our tickets to Nepal. So we leave for nepal in two days. We leave at 6pm on the 19th and get in something like three hours later. All the cheaper tickets that went from BKK to Kathmandu were all booked up for at least two weeks so we ended up having to get a direct flight for soemthing like 130$ more then the cheaper ones. But whatever, this way we get to fly into kathmandu amongst all the mountain peaks. I've heard the flight is supposed to be worth it but we'll see.

We're gonna head to Katchanaburi to go play in the waterfalls tommorow rather then wait here in BKK and I ended up buying a new camera today. I've been using mine and comparing the pictures it takes compared to ohters and well, it's just an old camera. THe one I ended up getting was around 350$ and is waterproof to 5m. It's pretty much the same one that Jen had and I really liked hers. Plus I think this is like 100$ cheaper then abck home or something liek that.
But anyways, hope I'm not goin into too much detail for some of you but I know mom and dad love the deits. I'll keep you all posted on nepal when I get the chance.
Have fun.


18th September 2007

Monsoon Rainfall
Hey dude, why are you going to Nepal during the monsoon season? Seems like a better time to go the Tibet or the other side of the mountains. Or at least head south and away from the weather dictating Himalayas. I'm not the most experienced traveler but it seems to me that in a few weeks Nepal and North India will be absolutely beautiful with the lush vegetation. Not to mention the elephant grass!!!
22nd September 2007

actualy adam. I'm here write at the perfect time. The monsoons will be ending within a week if they havent already ended. Plus this means that the trekking trails arent quite packed with tourists (which they will be soon... like hundreds of tourists) and i'll be like 3/4 days ahead fo the pack. Plus... the views are spectacular already because the clouds arent really that thick and are lower then most of the peaks... i[ll poste some pictures when i get back from the trek :P
22nd September 2007

Glad you are having a good time
Hi Tallis, Sounds like the weather will be good in Napal. We have snow from last night on Savona Mountain and that means snow on the Cok hwy. It's getting colder and was 6 this morning. We leave on our Cruise to the Panama from Van. on Fri 28th. Home on Oct 18. My ex sister-in-law, Ruth (my brother's ex) husband, Ray, died on the 17th from Cancer at 76. Everthing is going well with us. Hate the hastle of getting ready and what to pack lol. Take care and be careful. Luv ya, Grams and Grampa
22nd September 2007


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