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January 7th 2007
Published: January 7th 2007
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It's almost time!!! Almost time for me to board a plane to Taiwan, which will then take me HOME to Victoria!!! Yahhhhh!!! I'm really excited for the upcoming 10 days of reunions and mad packing for Europe. I'll try to see as many people as I can. Depending on the state of my house (I left it in quite a bad state when I took off.... but Alec and Dad might have rectified the situation) I may try to host a social event... I'm not making any promises, though, because that certainly never happened before I left and I was really motivated then. At any rate, I'm wanting to meet up with as many people as possible so if you're interested send me an e-mail and we'll arrange a get together.

Derek and I have SO much to do, though, it's unreal. Did I mention we don't even have Eurail passes yet? And we haven't picked our countries yet? There will be some major research done on the plane. Plus we have to decide what clothes to bring, which will be tricky because we have a lot of different weather conditions and situations to pack for (as opposed to simply "hot"). Plus I have to go to the dentist, the optomotrist, possibly the hair stylist.... so many errands! And I have to request permission to re-register at UVic, and I'm going to do some job hunting at UVic for the summer. I have my heart set on a certain lab, but I have no idea if he has the funds or interest to hire me, so we'll see.

Our flight from KL to Bangkok today was pretty uneventful. After a morning chilling and swimming at our hotel we checked out and took the subway to KL Sentral station. On route we said goodbye to Geoff. Oh, and funny thing happened when we were getting on the train. It was just leaving and Derek sprinted down the escalator and jumped inside just as the doors closed. The problem was, Geoff and I were still standing on the platform! He got off at the next stop and got on our train, though, so he could say his final goodbye to Geoff. We had a really hard time finding the bus to take once we got off the train, but after some intense wandering we finally got it right. From there things were pretty easy. The new discount carrier terminal in KL is really terrible and super confusing--there's no signage, things are done really strangely, and there are no seat reservations on AirAsia so people line up for an hour before boarding to get the seat they want. Oh well. We didn't really care about what seat we got so we just found our way through the system (somehow) then sat comatos for a while until they boarded our plane.

Ahhhh time almost out for internet here, so I've gotta publish this. See everyone soon!!! (After I live Jan. 8th twice--I arrive in Victoria 5 minutes before I leave Bangkok!)


17th January 2007

Have good fun in Europe!
Ha Jessica, Derrick, Mark! I just quickly read al your story's from the last copple of weeks and it looks like you all had an amazing time in Malysia! I like that because i "have" to spend there 2 weeks at the end of February. At the moment I am in Angkor Wat (Cambodia) and it is amazing over here. The Tempels are even more beautiful then I already aspected (and I had really high expectations)! Vietnam was like a rollercoaster (big up's and downs). If you compare Bangkok with the big cities of Vietnam, then Bangkok is like a nice friendly, cousy, quiet city. But Vietnam has also some incredible nature (halong bay; mekong delta, central highlands) and some beautiful small villages. But overall I really had a good time overthere! So enjoy your time in Europe (I hope you have nice wetter) and if you're in Holland in March or April ( I fly back 28th of February), send a mail and maybe we can meet again! Greetings, Joost

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