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January 5th 2007
Published: January 5th 2007
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On the Sky BridgeOn the Sky BridgeOn the Sky Bridge

I was trying to take a picture of myself by holding the camera out in front of me, but a nice old man offered to take the picture for me. I think he did a good job--I'm quite happy with the result!
We did it!! We managed to drag ourselves out of bed early enough to get to the Petronas Twin Towers in time to get tickets for a walk on the "Sky Bridge." That's a big, 2-story bridge that connects the two towers. We tried to get tickets the first time when we were in KL, but it was way too hard to get our huge, lazy, 10 person group going in time and the tickets were all gone by the time we got there. Despite waking up late and having to litterally jog the whole way to the towers, however, we made it this time. After waiting in a massive "S" snaking line, we finally got an appointment for 11:15am. It was sooo great! I was already in love with the Petronas Towers, the are truly beautiful and awe-inspiring, but the sky walk just took it to a whole new level (haha) for me. Plus there were all kinds of cool interpretive displays to look at. I love learning about the engineering feats behind huge structures. The Petronas Twin Towers are no longer the highest office building in the world (there's now one in Taiwan that beats them) but they're still
The MassesThe MassesThe Masses

We weren't the only ones up early to get tickets for the Sky Walk!
the highest twin tower complex. A display measured me and told me that they are 274 times my height =) Tourists aren't allowed to go to the very top because they are working office buildings, but we can go to the Sky Bridge, halfway up on the 41st floor, for free if you come early enough to get tickets. Have you seen the movie "Entrapment," with Sean Connery and Cathernine Zeta-Jones? Cause they battle or something in the sky bridge. I can't quite remember the scene.... I think I saw it on an airplane or something and I wasn't really paying close attention. You only get 10 minutes up there, but it's really fun. It was a bit foggy today (it's been quite rainy the past couple of days, though still hot!) so we couldn't see as far as we might have been able to, but the view was still great.

I love the Twin Towers!!!!

Afterwards I basically just came back to our hotel room and tried to pass out for as long as possible. I really can't shake this cold and it's just killing me. The worst part is it's preventing me from sleeping properly, so
The Yellow GroupThe Yellow GroupThe Yellow Group

Geoff and Derek show off our colour-coding for the tour
I'm always tired during the day. Thank goodness we have glorious Rennaissance for me to recuperate in. Sooo nice. After seeing only weird traditional Chinese medicines in the drug stores I finally realized that decongestants were behind the counter items here, so I bought some pills and popped a couple. I didn't really notice a difference... but it can't hurt at least. Oh, actually I didn't pass out right away upon returning to our room--The 100 Greatest Biology Discoveries was on TV, hosted by Bill Nye! I couldn't miss that. THEN I lay down.

Eventually, however, I managed to drag myself up and set off for the big street market here with Derek. Geoff met us shortly afterwards (he was busy watching soccer highlights before). I prefer store shopping to market shopping any day because I don't like all the pressure and I really hate bartering, but I think I generally did OK today. It's pretty much our last chance to buy stuff since we won't be back in Bangkok to stock up on gifts and souvenirs, like we had planned. A big clothing brand here in Asia that I'd never heard of before is called "Bathing Ape," and
Look Out Below!Look Out Below!Look Out Below!

A sweet picture that shows both towers at the sides
there's an offshoot of the brand called "Baby Milo." The 9 other guys already had a bunch of "Bape" stuff from Korea, and they bought tons for in Malaysia. Now I've jumped on the band wagon too, because there are some pretty cute monkey images with Baby Milo. Plus, it has Milo in the name, and you all know by now how much I love Nestle Milo!!! Geoff and Derek bought me a Baby Milo shirt for Christmas, and I couldn't help but buy one more for myself today. I'm stopping there, though. 2 is enough. At $5CAN per shirt, you really can't go wrong!

Well, Geoff needs my camera connection so I'm going to quickly upload some photos and then log off. I've added a few to my past 2 entries, as well, so you might want to check those out. I doesn't look like we're going to watch the gold medal game tonight because it's on at 2:30am our time, and the sports bar in our hotel closes at 1am and we haven't been able to find anywhere else to watch it. Rough. Very rough. Go Canada!!!

Additional photos below
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The ParkThe Park
The Park

A nice view of the big park/fountain/water park area that is behind the KLCC complex. I spent a part of Christmas Day exploring it when we were here before. It was much quiter down there, today!
On Top of the World... Well, KL at leastOn Top of the World... Well, KL at least
On Top of the World... Well, KL at least

Here we are! Having a blast!

5th January 2007

Your bed awaits
I'll make sure your bed is ready for a 24 hr slumber on your return. See you at the ferry next week.
7th January 2007

I felt dizzy and ill just looking at your picture of the twin towers looking down from the sky walk - then I read that the skywalk was only half way up! Yikes ... I hope the construction workers were well paid. Mom

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