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Asia » Tajikistan » Ishkashim August 9th 2017

The journey from Khorog to to village of Ishkashim took us only 3.5 hours to cover 120km as we had some good runs of reasonable asphalt. Ishkashim is in the Wakhan Valley so we started our detour off the Pamir Highway. The Wakhan Valley is split between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, the border marked by the Pyanj River. It’s narrow, finger-like shape provides a geographical reminder of the border battles during the Great Game when the Russian and British Empires strived for dominance. Originally Indian territory, it was given to Afghanistan to create a buffer zone between the two. Flanked by the Pamir Mountains on one side and the Hindu Kush on the other the Wakhan Valley, named after Wakhi people who inhabit the area, is a flat valley that sits at an average elevation of 2700m. ... read more
Our new friend

Asia » Tajikistan » Ishkashim July 15th 2016

Geo: 36.7333, 71.6167Friday 15th JulyTime Check: 1610Location: Ishakamin Altitiude 2,500mI bring this report to you from the small first floor balcony of our little windswept abode for the night. Below me various locals are bustling about carrying small children in their arms or perhaps loading vegetables into their bashed up cars. This is a "Frontier" town with no paved roads or much if any Western culture but the people seem cheerful and are pleased to see us. The guest house was totally deserted and the key to the main front door was not lockable so our guide Altanboc used a nearby rock for security!We are bordered by the Pamir Mountains to the North and to the South East the "Hindu Cush"..........the gateway to Pakistan. This a "strategic zone" and only 180km (1 days drive) from the ... read more
View across to the Hindu Kush
Local playing with his thingy
Sydney the "Vodka Bullet" and Pebbles

Asia » Tajikistan » Ishkashim October 29th 2013

After 10 wonderful days on the plateau at 4500m of altitude, getting back into town at Khorog was very difficult. I couldn’t stand the noise, the traffic, the dust (you’d think I’d be used to such things after 7 years in China!), and the owners of the guesthouse I stayed at really irritated me. My initial plan was to go on to Dushanbe but the cyclists I met, those who had ridden from the capital city told me the road was extremely bad and bumpy, with a lot of trucks, and at the time (August) the temperatures went up above 40degrees… At the same time everyone was talking about the Wakhan Corridor, which is a dirt road following the Afghan border for 300km. Everyone warned me that the road was bad with sand, bumps, holes, gravel ... read more
I love my life!
La vraie vie!
We couldn't get any closer to the river

Asia » Tajikistan » Ishkashim August 22nd 2010

The dirt road from the Khargush checkpoint to Langar brought us to some spectacular sights, the road winds around the mountain side and across the river is Afghanistan which we can't seem to shake off, it's just there. A quick peek of the Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan brought excitement to us as we come across the thin strip of the Wakhan corridor shared by both Tajikistan and Afghanistan, all tall and mighty mountains one can only imagine the kind of weather they have in the winter, though Kevin our driver said you can walk across the frozen river(if they do freeze) to Afghanistan in the winter but then we reminded him there might me mines still lingering around. We stopped a few times to enjoy the view, we encountered a 4wd going opposite way ... read more
camping near Shitkharv
Ishkashim Afghan market

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