Photos from Ishkashim, Tajikistan, Asia

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We couldn't get any closer to the river
La vraie vie!
I told you I could have swum to Afghanistan!
Sand (more!) on the Wakhan
above us
I love my life!
Beautiful place to cycle!
the sun is out!
our favorite part on the Wakhan
that's more like it...
see my biceps?
bumpy downhill
Can you spot Sacha?
beautiful Wakhan
This is what I'm talking about!
snow caps
Sacha going up
more uphill
heavy bags on the Wakhan Corridor
on the Wakhan
rough terrain
what a journey!
This photo was taken by a Japanese cyclist
easy downhill
Afghanistan in the background
Wakhan Corridor
Southern Pamir
going up on the Wakhan
This is Afghanistan
up up up!
our road of the day
sunshine on the Wakhan
That's what I'm talking about!
Camping right outside Langar
These young kids came for nowhere
snow caps in Afghanistan
above Langar
and then up hill for a long time
Last stop to buy food at Langar
getting closer to Langar
on the Wakhan
short break for Sacha
the sun is coming out
he put us to shame
in the Wakhan
tough terrain
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