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Asia » Taiwan » Taroko Gorge February 13th 2013

There is a place in Taiwan where things are different. There is a place where the grey concrete of Taipei seems so far away. There is a place where the blue is bluer, the green is greener, marble stones shine in all the colours of the rainbow and the clouds hang lower. I am not talking about Neverland and I am not Peter Pan or Michael Jackson for that matter... What I want to talk about in this entry is the wild east of Taiwan, a rough landscape with towering peaks of more than 3.000 meters and crystal clear water meeting the rocky cliffs of the coastline. According to popular belief is is this part of the island that has given birth to its alternative name 'Formosa', i.e. the beautiful island. Portuguese sailors centuries past are ... read more
Taroko Gorge
Taroko Gorge
Taroko Gorge

Asia » Taiwan » Taroko Gorge November 1st 2011

NA dan mrtvih smo bili se kako zivi, in to se ob 7.20, ko sem se odpravila na vlak za Taroko. NAjprej do Hualiena, kjer sem imela se dovolj casa, da sem podaljsala zajtrk v eni od minirestavracij, se oglasila se v TIC-u in izvedela za kolakni kolesarski festival, potem pa se ob 8.40 odpravila na bus do Taroka. Cez urico smo prispeli v uvodni stab tega nacionalnega parka, sijalo je sonce (kar je za razliko od prejsnjega tedna totalna novost), tako da se je zabava lahko zacela. Taroko je razpotegnjen kanjon z izjemno visokimi hribi oz. klifi in me je takoj spomnil na dolino Soce ali pa nekaj podobnega slovenskega. Odpesacila sem do prvega pohoda, Shakadang, kjer pa se je trlo kitajskih turistov. Ti v Taroko prihajajo strpani v avtobuse in jih je res ogromno. ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taroko Gorge September 26th 2010

Day 3 - after a restful morning at the hotel we joined a small group tour to visit the North East coast, an area noted for its numerous capes backed by green mountains. We visited Pitou Cape where a rock formation was supposed to look like a face with a nose, neither of us could see the resemblance, our guide said to look closer as it wasn’t a western face but an asian face with a flatter nose! Just off the coast an island was pointed out that did look very much like a whale. Our next stop was the Nanya Rock formations where we were shown a sandstone fish and a rock in the shape of a frog, so far animals seem to feature heavily in this tour. We then stopped at the Bay of ... read more
North East Coast fishing village
bay of two colours
fish and frog rocks

Asia » Taiwan » Taroko Gorge September 16th 2010

We took the evening train 2.5 hours to Haulien, a small town on the east coast which would be our base while exploring Taroko Gorgo. Taroko is a national park area with tall, jagged, imposing marble cliffs and mountains with clear rivers running through the valleys. There are many hiking and walking trails throughout the park and some stunning views to be seen. In Haulien, we stayed at Formosa Backpacker’s Hostel, a place recommended to us by others at The Meeting Place. This now being “low season” in Taiwan, we walked into the hostel at 9:30pm to quite a sight: doors unlocked, not a soul inside, no one at the bar, bar fridge chain locked, dorm rooms unlocked and empty (except for one bed). It was weird - almost like we were in the wrong place ... read more
Taroko Gorge
Tunnel of 9 Turns
Tunnel of 9 Turns

Asia » Taiwan » Taroko Gorge May 10th 2010

My friend Su from Tainan picked me up at my hostel and we took a train to Hualien. There was a long queue at the ticker booth as it is weekend and we got the 8:40pm train, we were told all seats were taken and we paid for no seats tickets. The train was half empty when we got on and we sat and will give our seats if someone comes up with a ticket, but all the while, a few stops here and there no one took our seats so we actually got up to Hualien seated. We stopped at 7 eleven for snacks and made our way to Colorful Taiwan, a nice hostel but a bit expensive, around 570 Taiwan $ a person. The owners are super friendly though. Only one other person in ... read more
Taroko Natl Park
Taroko Natl Park
Old Jhuilu Road trail

Asia » Taiwan » Taroko Gorge March 23rd 2010

Here are some pictures from a visit Cynthia and I made to Toroko National Park in eastern Taiwan. We were really lucky and had gorgeous weather for the day, and the scenery, as you can see from the photos, was stunning. There was one section of a walk we did where there were falling rocks so we had to wear helmets, although from the size of some of the boulders already fallen into the path I don't think a helmet would have helped us much! ... read more
Safety first, safety last...
Toroko National Park, Taiwan
Toroko National Park, Taiwan

Asia » Taiwan » Taroko Gorge February 28th 2010

The Final Installment! The cool, rainy weather forced us to change our east coast surfing plans. We decided to go north from Taitung to the city of Hualian and the Taroko Gorge. The Taroko Gorge is impressive. It's a 19-mile long canyon near the east coast coast of Taiwan. It features a dramatic elevation gain from the coast to around 3000 meters in about 60 horizontal kilometers. It's also crumbling. We rented scooters and toured the park for the day. The weather was decent with only a slight drizzle hitting us here and there. It was a pleasant alternative to spending a few days surfing. From there, Marvis caught a train back to Chiayi, while the rest of us hopped a train north to Taipei. In Taipei we met up with one of Steve's friends who ... read more
On the train to Hualian
Claire and Brian

Asia » Taiwan » Taroko Gorge September 10th 2009

(Day 524 on the road)A three hour train ride south on one of Taiwan's comfortable and reliable trains brought us to the city of Hualien on Taiwans' east coast, the stepping stone for the magnificent Taroko Gorge. Or shall we call it, as the English translation in the tourist brochure does, "Extreme beauty of the world and a pleasing delight of hills and water"? Catchy! We had missed the last bus for the day to Taroko Gorge and thus spent the night in Hualien. That was not bad actually, as this way we set off the next morning on our own rented scooter, which gave us a lot of flexibility in the remote mountains where we were heading. It was the first time that my mum was riding on the back of a scooter, and she ... read more
The imposing Taroko Gorge
Baiyang waterfall
Eternal Springs Shrine

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