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June 2nd 2009
Published: June 5th 2009
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Taiwans Southeast CoastTaiwans Southeast CoastTaiwans Southeast Coast

There was lots of this. It's really nice.
Hey Everybody!

We're still in Taiwan and doing well. We finally got to take a little trip at the end of May. The Taiwanese work a lot, so we won't have many opportunities like this. We had a four day holiday and decided to head to the East coast.

Taiwan's east coast is the less developed side of the island due to the large, steep mountains (several peaks over 12,000 feet) and the typhoons experienced each year. There's also a large indigenous population of various tribes.

The trip was great. The city of Taitung was our base. We spent a good amount of time at the beach. There's only a few swimable beaches on the east coast, so we were lucky to be near one. The water and currents can be rather violent and in many place the mountains drop right into the ocean. It's beautiful.

The pictures from the trip speak for themselves. As for Claire and I, we are doing well. We've got a scooter, we're used to our new school and the students, we're doing Chinese lessons and saving money. Chiayi City is certainly not as exciting as Chiang Mai, Thailand was, but it's very livable. We're at the base of a forest recreation area and the huge mountains, so it's easy for us to escape into the tropical wilderness on the weekends.

Now that we've got money rolling in we'll be hitting up various spots in Taiwan via their excellent train system. I believe we'll hit Taipei in another week or so. At the end of June we will also be visiting the Philippines for a week. One our friends and co-workers is originally from the island, so it's sure to be a nice look inside Philippino life.

We'll do our best to keep the blogs and pics coming. Also, Claire and I realized we generally take crappy's sad, but we can't be good at everything. Our apologies.

Additional photos below
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Swim Caps!Swim Caps!
Swim Caps!

They make you wear swim caps in the hot springs. Claire wears hers all the time now.

Don't worry about Kristina and I. The man singing behind us is the star.

Can you feel the awesomeness?

The tanks had all sorts of good critters you could order for dinner

Kristina and Patrick
Top of the Abandoned HotelTop of the Abandoned Hotel
Top of the Abandoned Hotel

An abandoned, but nearly completed luxury hotel on a beach front was too much for me not to explore. This was from roof. I wonder if they didn't bribe the right people, ran out of money or both.
Abondoned HotelAbondoned Hotel
Abondoned Hotel

Someday it will be a nice hotel.
Aboriginal BBQ GuyAboriginal BBQ Guy
Aboriginal BBQ Guy

The girls liked this fellow. I can't imagine why.
The LadiesThe Ladies
The Ladies

Marvis, Claire and Kristina
Corn SellerCorn Seller
Corn Seller

This man sold us some delicious corn and was so happy that Claire spoke Chinese to him.

I caught some Taiwanese taking a funny photo

5th June 2009

Pictures look good
Hi Guys, Nice pictures and glad to see you are getting around the country. Have fun and enjoy.
8th June 2009

Don't stop taking pictures. You never know when you snap the award winning one!!!

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