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December 10th 2009
Published: December 10th 2009
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Good timesGood timesGood times

me, my besties sonja, & jack
wow. it's been ages hasn't it?

Much has been coming, going...doors closing, opening. At this very moment, I have the day off, (due to the prevalent foot & mouth disease (or I'd like to dub "hoof" & mouth) that has shut my kindy class down) and sitting at a quaint cafe called Cafe Bastille in the heart of shi-da night market. A small pitcher of chamomile honey tea is staring at me through condensed glass and a christmas tree is flashing its pretty lights in anticipation of the coming holiday.

Recently I have been extremely ungrounded; from general decisions to my own overall well-being...swaying this way, that way - unable to even decide where to have my 1st chinese tutoring lesson! But this is all coming to a head after a month & 1/2 of picking up the bits & pieces of my heart that's been strewn everywhere. No, it hasn't been easy, but an interesting phase to go through, as I can't say that I've ever felt my heart break with such utter clarity, awareness and openness. Bittersweet...all the same.

And you might be wondering about the rest of my life. Go on, you are. 😉

beautiful cloud blanket

It's going...steadily. I'm working as a kindergarten teacher working 20 hours a week with 5-6 years olds, teaching yoga once a week, learning & practicing buddhism everyday of the week, studying chinese 2x/week, maintaining & establishing new friendships in taipei. Life isn't bad...but I'm not feeling it. I'm feeling a change coming on...and it'll be for the best. As every change I've made has always put me in a new direction, towards a new goal that will help me grow.

I want more creativity, more chinese, more love, more yoga/pilates, and more travel. And that is exactly what I will have. this is the piece of wisdom i can offer - whatever it is you feel in your heart (your gut), it is the truth. Though my face reflects every taiwanese look here, I have managed to work at one of the most well-known bilingual schools in taipei, teaching yoga which I've dreamed of since 2005, and living in a rooftop apartment for only $400/month - it is all possible. And now my heart is gently urging changes - more yoga teaching, more yoga & pilates...

From the heart, life is exactly what we are - beautiful and

my 1st class at school. they're 3 years old & all dressed up for halloween. :)

I've attached a few fun pics of places, scenes, things, and people in taipei that contribute so much to my life. Enjoy and thanks for reading this rant from the heart...maybe some kind of inspiration sprouted. I know that my itch to write has been scratched.

Additional photos below
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me & the girls...yes, I have a fake mustache (My whole life i've been getting rid of it & i have one on halloween...bahhh)

10th December 2009

change is good
Hi Jen, It's fun to read your travelblog again, even if this journey is a bit different from the last one. Lost love is tough. Sorry to hear you have been suffering. It does get better, but corny as it sounds, it takes time. But you already know all this, right? Can't wait to hear what happens next. I love the changes I decide to make. I hate the ones that come to me without my permission, but all of them give me chances to grow and be creative. You sound very clear about what you want, so knowing you, it shall be yours. Love from the very cold Santa Rosa.
22nd December 2009

Hey You !
Jen dear, Bill sent me your link and I love reading about your adventures and growth :) And Yes you are inspiring! Love that you are so fearless and share it so freely ! In May I finally earned my BA at Berkeley in Anthropology, (like a proud kid, I will mention it was with highest honors :) Bill is taking 2 classes a semester to finish off his MBA, the twins are seniors in high school and starting to hear back from colleges, and our older two daughters are happily learning the adult thing :) Katherine is working in HR at an insurance company and as she is such an advocate for what is fair for people I believe this is a very good match, and she is earning an HR certificate as well!. Liz, our oldest has gone back for her Masters in Communication and is writing and performing her songs around the bay. Very cool and she is really quite talented, many seem to love her music (besides her mother and father :) I wish you the very best and a Happy Holiday! Keep in touch! Frances

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