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September 18th 2008
Published: September 18th 2008
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Hey all. I am writing this article in the beautiful and oldest library in taiwan (90 whoppin years old) - the National Taiwan Library (for more info: http://www.ntl.edu.tw/en/home1.php?MainPageID=-1). The website has some interesting history of the library - through the war with the japanese, etc.

Sooo yeah - I am writing this entry as a woman w/a new job & a new rooftop studio apartment in Chong Huh. 😊 - I got both job & home within 24 hours (who's the woman?!) I'm working @ Joy English School (a corporate chain in Taiwan & China) in Yong Huh. I work in the afternoons with Joy and sometimes in the morning, I'm a sub for kindegarterners in Alphaville. Yess - chinese babies are soooo cute!

The Alphaville subbing & apartment happened b/c I met a wonderful new friend @ an interview (she got the job, not me...but it's ok). Her name is Sam & I am living on the roof of her building. 😊 OH! Happy belated Moon Autumn Day! It is a festival where we honor the moon goddess & also the transition into autumn. That was last weekend - amidst the typhoon that put the island of Formosa under siege. There were about 10 ppl crammed on the rooftop drinking wine & absolute, bbq'ing & getting soaked by the windy rain. haha. It was a great way to spend Moon Autumn Festival night!

Next month (10/13), i will start teaching yoga @ my friend Rob's place - which means I won't get home until 10pm or so...it'll be busy. But it'll be OH SO GREAT! I can not wait to start sharing yoga again...

Things are all falling into place & working out for me - I am very lucky 😊 Shout out to everyone in Cali & India! I miss both SF & India very much.....

I love you all! You are all in my blessings & in my thoughts. Keep it light & lovely...pics coming soon! 😊



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