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September 30th 2017
Published: September 30th 2017
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Cet article sur Kandy et ses déceptions n'est disponible qu'en anglais, pardon !!

Kandy was a nice place and we visited quite a lot. On the first day we took a tuk-tuk to tour around the different places as it was the cheapest way to do it. Tuk-Tuks aren't the most comfortable mode of transport. We have the wind in our faces all the time, whistling in our ears and drying up our eyes. It is very tiring! Our first stop was the Pinnawala elephant orphanage was very nice but we didn't really enjoy it. We were not sure the elephants were actually well treated. It was bath Time when we came so the elephants were in the river. A baby elephant was playing in the water with his parents, it was a really adorable sight!
Then we went to a spice garden and a tea factory which were both very interesting. The woodcarving centre was good too. We also saw the Kandy Big Buddha and went to the Tooth Relic temple. It is believed that one of Buddha's teeth was retrieved from his ashes and somehow ended up in Kandy. People come to the temple with offerings for Buddha, mainly flowers (which I find very nice) but I was disappointed to see that money is also expected from the worshippers (and they do put money on each bowl in front of every shrine!). I am not sure what Buddha does with all this money... On the next day, before catching a bus to Dambulla, we came back to the temple at the time of the Tevava which is a ceremony during which the casket containing the sacred tooth relic is uncovered. Shaun and I were very unimpressed by the temple. It was busy and hot and we had our heavy backpacks, which might not have helped. It is a nice place but we didn't understand why tourists seem in awe...!

During our stay in Kandy, we were sleeping in the Kandy city elephant hostel which was very well rated although I am not sure why. We were the only guests in there, which was a bit disappointing as we were looking forward to meeting other travelers. I am not sure what other people's criteria are to rate an accommodation but cleanliness is definitely one of mine (yes, I'm in a moany mood!). I really am trying to be less 'picky' and I have already reassessed my needs in terms of hygiene. However, eating breakfast over someone else's crumbs because the table has never been wiped, and brushing my teeth over a sink that has never been approached by a cloth in its whole existence are really not my cup of tea. I refused to use the butter from the 1kg pot that must have been there since the hostel opened years ago, and in which every single guests must have left bread crumbs. Shaun used it to butter his toasts and hasn't died yet so it was probably fine but I have my limits. I know I need to push these limits and I barely reacted when seeing rats on the street, a cockroach in our first hotel and a fly in Shaun's plate (which must have also been in mine!) so I must be getting there!
And, after all, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Shaun always says we need to live life on the edge... Come on, bring me the old butter!!

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19th August 2018
Nice smelly bowls made from cinnamon tree (hence the delicious smell!)

Cinammon tree bowl
Hi there, do you happen to know any online store where I can buy these cinnamon & coconut bowls ? O perhaps the place?
19th August 2018
Nice smelly bowls made from cinnamon tree (hence the delicious smell!)

Hi Salvador, I’m glad you’re interested in these! We didn’t get the chance to buy one but they look (and smell!) amazing. I’ve had a look at our pictures from Kandy and searched places on TripAdvisor and I’m pretty sure the place was called Oak Ray Handcrafted Wood Carvings. This place was amazing and the people there very friendly. They sell beautiful pieces and I know that they send products over - they might have a website or an email address you can use! I hope you found and enjoy these lovely bowls! Best, Laurine

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