South Coast: Weed restaurant & Whale-watching disaster

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October 10th 2017
Published: October 10th 2017
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When looking for a hotel, Shaun spotted a nice family restaurant. It was a very small place in a family back-garden. It looked like a very nice, relaxed place so Shaun, Marcin, Kaine and I decided to eat there. This is how we ended up in this back-garden, with a kid in his PJs sleeping in a hammock in front of us, a customer smoking weed next to us being served by two men with bloodshot eyes and totally high!
We ordered food. Shaun asked if they had curry and rice, the man (who struggled to register what was happening) said no. Shaun was a bit disappointed but then the man added: "but we do rice and curry"! Then, Shaun, Marcin and Kaine asked for beers and the guy went to the shop with his scooter to buy them. When we asked for napkins, the guy went to the shop and came back with them. At some point, the man took the child who was sleeping in a hammock to put him to bed. Shaun commented on how it was the first time he saw a dad putting his child to bed while he was having dinner in a restaurant! When we got the bill, we gave money but needed change so the guy went to the shop to get change and took 10 minutes to work out how much money to give back...
After this interesting experience, we bought an ice cream from a shop and ate it on the beach!

We went whale-watching in Mirissa. Shaun and I had sunburnt on our first day at the beach and I had a bad cold so I had stayed in bed with fever for almost a whole day. On the next morning, we had to get up at 6. At 7, we were in the boat and it was leaving the harbour! Shaun was talking to a Swiss man working for the Red Cross in Afghanistan while I was focusing on not being sick as the sea was pretty rough. After a while, it started raining heavily and I started feeling miserable! After six (!) hours at sea, we had seen a sea turtle and a some dolphins but none of these Blue Whales Mirissa is famous for! Eventually, we spotted a Sperm Whale but we didn't see much of it. After 8 hours, we finally came back to land. The men from the whale-watching company asked for tips while we had already paid £65 and didn't really enjoy our trip! They also insisted on their sacrifice as apparently they were all invited to a party and had missed it so we could see whales (it's not like it was their job and they were getting paid to do it, after all!). One of the men working on the boat and who was also our tuk-tuk driver insisted that we write a review for them... And while we agree it's not their fault we didn't see any whale, these 8 hours at sea were far too long and the only reason why they stayed at sea was because they would have had to refund everyone half of the trip's cost if we hadn't 'seen' a whale!
After this disaster, we spent the afternoon (or what was left of it) at the beach... We hope you're not too jealous 😉

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