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October 17th 2017
Published: October 17th 2017
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At my happiest at the book festival!At my happiest at the book festival!At my happiest at the book festival!

Air con and trolleys included ;)
Today, we made our way to Bentota from Unawatuna. We took the bus to Galle and then took a train to Aluthgama, a place near Bentota beach, where we had booked a nice hotel. We had taken a hotel with river view, WiFi (every hotel has it), air conditioning and breakfast for £14 which is the most we've spent for one night (if we forget about the disappointing £17 hotel in Tangalle). After a ten minutes walk under the heat (once again, we've chosen our moment very well and it's midday), we're happy to find our hotel. The staff is not very polite but the room looks nice. I start unpacking while Shaun goes to ask for the WiFi code... And from there, it all goes wrong!
There is no WiFi in the hotel - which is not an issue in itself - but we do not get offered an apology nor a compromise. I join Shaun downstairs and, considering the rudeness of the staff and the price of the room, we ask them to cancel our booking and we leave.
Follows a long walk (still in the hottest hour of the day), during which we visit several accommodation that all are too expensive. At this stage, we're hungry, very very sweaty and all we want is to put our backpacks down somewhere. We chat with a local who tells us we won't find any cheap accommodation in Aluthgama nor Bentota. We decide to take the train straight to Colombo.
Once we arrive there, there is not much to do. We go to a book festival near the station, and then go to the only restaurant we can see. It is a fairly expensive restaurant but we take the cheapest thing on the menu and end up paying £3,50 for two vegetable noodles. We get told that we won't find cheap accommodation here so we decide to make our way to Negombo. A very kind young man leads us to the bus station. When we arrive in Negombo, it is 8pm, dark and raining and we still have nowhere to sleep. We walk a lot and find an expensive but lovely guesthouse (which I say "no" to although Shaun was tempted!) and finally find a cheap (but less nice !) accommodation for the night and get some well-deserved rest. The next day, we walk and sweat a lot before going to a guesthouse we had booked earlier next to the airport... On our way to Thailand very soon!


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