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Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Adam's Peak November 21st 2017

Historie necht zaznamena, ze i ja jsem schopny vstat pred rozednenim, kdyz je k tomu duvod - jako v tomto pripade plan kouknout na vychod slunce z vrcholku Adam's peaku. Takze jsme ve dve v noci vyrazili. Cesta zacina pohodove, takove mirne stoupani s par schodama. Neni kde zabloudit, semtam predbihame pomalejsi kusy turistu a koukame po chrameccich, ktere mijime. Ale jen co prejdeme most, tak zacinaji schody. Pred casem jsem se zucastnil zavodu, kdo nejrychleji vysupi na Motokov na Pankraci. Tak to bylo neco jako Milos Zeman proti Vladimirovi Putinovi. Proste nejenom jina liga, ale uplne jiny sport! Jako tech schodu tam bylo fakt dost. Klidne by jich byvalo bylo mohlo byt i mene. Opravdu bychom se nezlobili. No ale bylo jich tam asi 5000, kazdy jinak vysoky, aby to bylo o to zabavnejsi. Hahaha... ... read more
Adam's Peak - par z tech 5000 schodu
Adam's Peak - oslava dosazeni vrcholu
Haputale - mlha nad cajovymi blaty

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Adam's Peak April 19th 2017

If you ever travel the Hill Country of Sri Lanka during the national holiday, do NOT take the train unless you have booked a seat ahead or you only go for a short ride! If you’re travelling for more than 2 hours, then take the bus! From Haputale to Hatton (Adam’s Peak), we did not expect the train to be so full, and we ended up standing 4 hours, packed like sardines, which kind of defeats the purpose of taking the train to enjoy a relaxing ride through beautiful country… In Hatton, the bus to Dalhousie, the village at the foot of Adam’s Peak, was also jam-packed, but they organized another bus within 10minutes and we got to destination around 4pm, which gave us enough time to check in and walk around town to check out ... read more
loved the view from this angle
amazing view from the top
On y était! We were there!

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Adam's Peak May 15th 2013

Du haut de ses 2243 mètres, le pic d'Adam dévoile une empreinte dont l'origine y trouve son compte dans chacune des religions: les musulmans et chrétiens y voient l'empreinte d'Adam qui, après avoir été banni du paradis pour ses pêchés, se serait tenu sur un pied le temps de se faire pardonner (d'où la provenance, vous l'aurez deviné, du nom du pic); les hindouistes, quant à eux, y voient la trace du Dieu Shiva; tandis que les bouddhistes y voient l'empreinte de Bouddha laissée lors de sa dernière visite au Sri Lanka. Soit, tout le monde y trouve une raison pour vénérer l'endroit. Le pic d'Adam est donc la montagne la plus sacrée du Sri Lanka avec, à tous les jours, de nombreux pèlerins la visitant. Avec ses 5500 marches, et entre 3 à 5h de ... read more
... avec superbe balcon vue sur le pic
En fin d'après-midi nous partons en éclaireurs afin de voir le début du chemin à la lumière du jour
L'une des nombreuses statuts

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Adam's Peak April 6th 2013

Arrived Friday in Ella by train, the journey was fantastic. The scenery from the train was something else. We worked our way high into tree tea plantations where we saw workers busily toiling,in the sun. The workers earn a pittance with the women getting 450 rupees a day and the men 600 rupees. So in effect £2.25 for women and £3.00 for men, so think on everybody,! Today Wew climbed little Adams peak, it is a small hill that looks over Ella. Hard work in a very hot morning sun so a cool beer was a small reward after the climb. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and every new town or province has a brand new experience. Oh and the foods is always good, something that is always high on my list. Tomorrow we travel ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Adam's Peak January 18th 2012

By Polona After a week it was time to pack up and leave Uppuveli and “my husband” (the cook ). After checking with the boys, we left for the Trinco Railway station, only to find out that there are 2 trains daily heading to our destination (Hatton) – we already missed the first one and the next one was only in the evening. So, the best solution for us was to take a bus to Kandy (oh, no, no, no) and then switch buses to get to Hatton (and from there continue to our destination: Dalhousie, a village under Adam's Peak). We calculated we should arrive to Delhousie in the evening, boy, were we wrong. The bus from Trinco to Kandy took ages, even though it's only about 200km between the two. I think it took ... read more
Views from Adam's Peak
Views from Adam's Peak
The IGNORANT Russians

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Adam's Peak March 2nd 2009

Sri Lanka had welcomed me with that mix of hospitality and embarrassment of those who, peaceful by nature, found themselves with a rifle in hand and do not understand why. Negombo Airport was armoured and Colombo city centre was constantly combed by agents (uniformed and not) looking for potential bombers. Only in Israel, I guess, I’ve seen more weapons around. But people here -contrary to what happens in Israel- keep smiling. As to say: no bomb can kill a positive philosophy of life! My not too cautious, little plausible, not at all wise attempt to cross the virtual boundary line that separates (or used to separate, at least) the South in the hands of the government from the Tamil Tigers’ controlled North was a fiasco. In a region where the tourist is by now an extinct ... read more
The Peak in the Mist
Path of Lights

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Adam's Peak January 2nd 2009

As you all are aware, I haven’t blogged for a while. This is down to many, many reasons but can be summed up by the old adage “if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”! I’m not going into the reasons here, but feel free to ask me upon my return and I will endeavour to enlighten you! I do however now have something nice to write, so here goes! On Christmas Eve morning I was sat at the top of Adam’s Peak (or Sri Pada, as it is also known) a very large mountain, watching the sunrise. It was magic. We set off at 4pm from Hikkaduwa in a car. Our original car had crashed on the way to pick us up, so we had to get another one at ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Adam's Peak January 22nd 2008

Hello everyone! So, here I am in Sri Lanka, dodging bombs and searching for sunshine!! he he! only joking, well actually, half half! Yep, there have been a few bombs since i got here, but in the main they've been in Colombo and I have to say that I don't feel unsafe at all. Apparently the cease fire has officially ended though and there are military and police everywhere you go here. On the sunshine front, it honestly did rain continuously for the first week of being here. We then got a sunny few days and now its chucking it down again, so in that respect, I am searching desperately for some sun! So what have I done so far here? Well, I'll start right from leaving Goa. Our taxi turned up earlier than the 5.30am ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Adam's Peak April 6th 2007

We only needed 2.30h for 5600 steps. On 2500meter high. It was great. Going up with the pilgrams at 2o'clock in the morning. For us very early and so cold. the best we ever did.... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Adam's Peak January 28th 2007

THE CLIMB I had wanted to climb Adam’s Peak for some time, and I made sure that I took the chance to do so when I put aside a couple of days during my Sri Lanka trip, and began to arrange to get myself transported there. After toying with the idea of getting several buses, or a couple of (probably unreliable) trains, or even a combination of both, from Colombo to the area where the climb begins in the central hill country, I actually opted to enlist a driver and vehicle for the adventure. It is not quite as extravagant as it may seem to pay for a ‘chauffeur with car’, at least not to westerners, as the costs incurred were within my budget at £25.00 over the two days that “Ilanga” and his ageing Sherpa ... read more
On the way there
River Kwai
Dalhousie (Adam's Peak) guest-house room

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