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Asia » South Korea » Sokcho » Seoraksan November 14th 2012

After our weekend in Seoul we decided to have an outdoors weekend camping. I started loking into it and found a place a couple hours away on the east coast of Korea near a city called Sokcho. The place we were interested in camping was called Seoraksan National Park and it was supposed to be a really cool park and we would still make it in time for the leaves changing color which was an added bonus. Earlier in the week we were sending Facebook messages around to see what we were going to bring, who was bringing what, and all the neccesary items in order to camp in Korea. With all the plans made we all met up after work in Seoul at the Express Bus Terminal. I had come separately since I had to ... read more
Watering hole
Cool pic of the mountains

Asia » South Korea » Sokcho » Seoraksan June 30th 2011

It’s time for my second blog entry, don’t worry I’m not going to keep telling you the number of my blog entry each time I write one, this will be the last time I do it I promise, but come on it’s still a bit of a novelty for me. After leaving Seoul in perfect sunshine with the temperature at 30 degree’s complete with clear skies I was relieved the rain had made an exit from the scene, however it also made me realise that carrying my rucksack through hot cities is going to be bloody hard work, it’s so heavy and I have a feeling some stuff is going to get dumped in due course. I was very grateful for the air conditioned trains and buses I can tell you. However I ‘m not moaning ... read more
Serroksan National Park - Buddah
Serroksan National Park - Me at the top
Seoraksan - The view I should have had!!

Asia » South Korea » Sokcho » Seoraksan June 12th 2011

So all of the hype for Seoraksan was well deserved. It's definitely the coolest place I've been in Korea so far! The bus took 4 hours, but it was worth it when our buss pulled up one block from the beach. Seoraksan National Park is located next to the town of Sokcho which is right on the Sea of Japan. We had a great time relaxing on the beach and then some of us paid for an extreme speed boat trip. Safety was NOT the number one priority and at several points I was pretty sure the boat was going to tip over. So obvioiusly I loved it. Our hostel was up in the mountains and the view from our windows was absolutely spectacular. On Sunday we hiked for about 6 hours. It was a lot ... read more
Oh, just find dangerous crevasses to explore...
Team America Plus Michelle (or Team Awesome when she finds that slightly offensive)

Asia » South Korea » Sokcho » Seoraksan July 27th 2009

Sokcho is on the east coast of Korea. It's a pretty awesome town. They've got a few international ferries, including one for Russians. It'd be a lot cooler if it went more places. Anyway, the town has that to keep its backbone strong. Plus lots of seafood restaurants. I imagine the town's been there for a while, but it's weird 'cause so much of it looks like it's just getting built. I even saw some streets having their bricks laid. Perhaps it is in transition from hidden gem to discovered. There are 7 lighthouses, for the lighthouse enthusiast. Some beach areas. There's a good size shopping area which a rich town needs i guess; this is where i saw most of the roads just getting built, so all the shops have been there waiting for the ... read more
Good Lighthouse Visit
Almost Up Top
Tinier Lighthouse

Asia » South Korea » Sokcho » Seoraksan May 3rd 2009

Saturday afternoon Lea came to my room and proposed a hiking trip. Of course I agreed. Sunday morning at the butt-crack of dawn we headed east to the coast to Seoraksan National Park. When we got there, we spend the first half an hour trying to find a place to stay. We ended up in a motel, which was cheaper than the hostels and nicer than the hotels. 30,000W a night for the two of us. What a rip off haha We headed out to start climbing the mountains. When we got to the park office to get a map of the area, they said the trails were all closed because it was the dry season (until may 15) Because of the threat of forest fires no people were allowed to hike the trails. OF COURSE!! ... read more
I had to do it
Mt. Climbing
At the top

Asia » South Korea » Sokcho » Seoraksan September 22nd 2008

September 20/21- 2008 This weekend, David and I went to Seoraksan national park. The first day was a little rainy, but the second day was beautiful. The view was unreal!... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Asia » South Korea » Sokcho » Seoraksan June 15th 2008

Last weekend we had Memorial Day off work so 9 teachers hopped a bus to Sokcho (NE side of country) for some hiking and beach time.... read more
Temple and Seoraksan
Writing on the rock
The mountain we decided to climb

Asia » South Korea » Sokcho » Seoraksan June 20th 2007

Hello all, So, after a brief dilemma with the TravelBlog site (and having lost and having to repost the pictures on many of our blogs!), we're finally back in business. This blog is about a road trip we took back in June with Ben & Kim to Mt. Sorak and Sok'Cho Beach! We started off one morning on our drive to Sok'Cho that was supposed to only be 5-6 hours, and ended up being a lot longer because we took the wrong route. We were going through curvy backroads and going up & down mountains so steep, we didn't think our little car would make it at times! We finally arrived in the late afternoon, and began looking for a cheap love motel to stay in. As you can see by the picture, we picked the ... read more
Is that a seahorse?
I love making new friends
Getting ready for some drinks

Asia » South Korea » Sokcho » Seoraksan May 8th 2007

mein erster Ausflug in Suedkorea Asia » South Korea » Sokcho » Seoraksan By katjaontourMay 8th 2007Katja Wittek Suedkorea, ja, jetzt bin ich da. Arbeit macht mir Spass, das Team ist supernett. Am Wochenende machte ich schon meinen ersten Ausflug ans Meer und bestieg meinen ersten Suedkoreanischen Gipfel im Seoraksan Nationalpark. Bin im Moment so eingespannt in der Arbeit, das wenn ich "heim komme" so fertig bin, und auch zu faul um noch irgendwas in meinen Blog zu stellen. Heute hab ich Motivation, und stelle ein paar Bilder von meinem ersten Ausflug rein. Ein superschoener Aufstieg, ... read more
Winni und Yong Shu
oben am Gipfel
auf dem Gipfel

Asia » South Korea » Sokcho » Seoraksan February 26th 2007

The Korean odyssey continues. As I write I’ve another 12 weeks remaining on my teaching contract before Tiem and I leave for Australia. Most of me wants the time to race by, so we can begin a new adventure, however we’ll miss so much about Korea. Namely we’ll miss the delightful friends we have made, and the hospitality of their warm and kind families. We’ve just completed a double weekender spent in the bosom of said families, as the following meanderings and photographs document. This entry blogs: Lunar New Year, a trip to Seoraksan National Park, and a recently attended wedding. If truth be known, I’ve never given much thought about Lunar New Year, never mind celebrated it. However with Tiem’s Vietnamese background, and being in Korea, it was time to start. Preparations started with a ... read more
Big Lens
Golden Pig
Where Next?

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