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April 13th 2012
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five palacefive palacefive palace

Hyang Won Jeong
Today I went to visit the Five Palace. The palaces are build separate from each other. They are all located from 500 meters to 3 kilometres from my hotel. The closest one was 550m from my hotel and I just walked there. It was the Deok Su Gung, the smallest one out of the five. This palace was built for a royal family so it was pretty small compared to the other palaces. The next one I went to was the Gyeong Hui Gung palace. It was used as a second palace for the king in emergency. There is a long corridor along the side of the palace. I walked from the Deok Su Gung palace to this palace. It was about 700m. I knew I would be doing a lot of walking so I’m dressed in comfy clothes. I was a bit tired but was interested in the palace. The next one was the Gyeong Bok Gung palace. It was far away so I took a taxi. This was the largest palace. The features in this palace included the Geun Jeong Jeon which is the throne hall, Hoe Ru which is the main banquet built on a lake and Hyang

View from Seoul Tower
Won Jeong which is an artificial island where the king did his courting. This palace is right next to the Blue House where the president lives. I thought the Hyang Won Jeong was really cool how it is in the middle of a lake. The fourth palace was the Chang Deok Gung palace. It was the place where politicians met and discuss political things. The last palace was the Chang Gyeong Gung. It was next to the Chang Deok Gung palace. Seeing the five palace was really fun and interesting. I got to see what palaces built hundreds of years ago looked like.


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