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Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Wando June 22nd 2012

What could be more Seinfeld than a blog about nothing? Especially given the, er, "relaxed" day I have had today in Wando. And this blog is being hand-typed too to make sure it's short (they breathe sighs of relief). Although I got outa bed at 9.30am, thinking I might be doing something/anything local this turned into an all day digital housekeeping/web-research kinda day to sort of plan the days ahead - which is necessary sometimes, despite my semi-chaotic travel "plans". Wjich need to be adjusted to fit realities, such as not going to Jeju Island on Friday/Sat., cos the hotels will be chocka with weekenders (remember Daejeon and finding a room at 8pm on a Sat. night and how much easier it was on Sunday - the same principle should apply here). This does mean 3 ... read more
the semi-mythical 50,000Krw note
and the ubiquitous 1,000Krw
Wando stainless steel whats?

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Wando June 21st 2012

Getting from Mokpo to Haenam was the original plan. Had a very late start from room 701 down there at the ferry terminal (blame that blog, folks). Got a taxi to the inter-city bus terminal which was about 5-6 km away, getting there at about 12:45 PM, confidently expecting seven buses a day or something. However either the schedule is nothing like that any more (LP, pls explain?), or six had already gone, but the next one was not until 6 PM! (exclamation mark indeed). Although I had been considering going to Haenam, which is only an hour away, simply to fill in the time until the ferry from Wando to Jeju Island, as it is on the same bus route decided I might as well go all the way to Wando (2 hrs) then. So ... read more
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