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February 9th 2009
Published: February 9th 2009
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The sunThe sunThe sun

Hey, here's a cool picture of the water from Gatbawi, during the afternoon.
Hey everybody!

I know I haven't been sticking to the weekly updates I assured everyone I would. 😞 I suppose I ought to reiterate that while I've been having a lot of fun out here, things have started settling down for me here. I think the honeymoon of coming out here is over. Things are more or less normal the more and more I've gotten into routines of work and play.

What's been new with me lately though?
I hiked Gatbawi again last weekend, it made for a nice few hour diversion. I went with my friend John and Emily. The way we went starts out with rocks to climb over and ropes to guide you. Emily left right before the last rocky peak, where all afterwards is stairs and dirt pathways. It's a shame because the view is absolutely breath-taking when you reach the peak. Then it's just a simple nature hike the rest of the way. There are some parts where yeah, you need to be aware of what you're doing because if you fall you could seriously wreck yourself something fierce. I'll include pictures of the guardrail at one spot, bear in mind that shortly to
the railingthe railingthe railing

Here you go, a picture of the handrail at one point on the fun that is Gatbawi.
the left off focus of the picture it gets super steep. Pictures do not provide any feel for what it's like on Gatbawi.
I spent all day saturday grading tests and being a homebody. I watched The Patriot and The Messenger through our Hana Box which is like comcast on Demand for movies and TV.
I think I get points for watching the movie Juno and being able to read the korean to determine that Juno was in fact Juno, I can finally read the text without needing a cheat-sheet. That wasn't saturday, some other day last week. Now to move on to learning words and sentence structure!
I'm near 27,000 words on the first draft of a short story I started in November. That's like 63 pages.
Until next time take care of yourselves!

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The railing with JohnThe railing with John
The railing with John

For perspective, here's John my friend next to the guard rail. Sorry for the poor lighting. This is the only picture I have with someone standing next to the guardrail.
What is this thing?What is this thing?
What is this thing?

This is a statue of something from a video game I'm not going to admit to knowing that I saw in front of a PC Bang (think computer room where people can go to have LAN parties.) I have yet to game in a PC Bang.

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