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March 23rd 2009
Published: March 23rd 2009
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Hey there,

I haven't updated in a long time. Sorry about that!

I've been pretty busy... I went on a weekend trip to Oedaldo in the off-season and can't wait for the summer to come so I can go back. Oedaldo is an island about fifty minutes away from Mokpo by ferry. The island is small enough you can walk from one end to the other in a half an hour. It rained a little saturday night so we played poker until the rain died down, then walked around beaches. I didn't know how to play texas hold 'em until I came to Korea. I have no poker face but at least now I know how to play the game.

I went to Daegu a second time with my friends a few weeks ago. That was a ton of fun.

Well, about two weeks ago my co-teachers from America, Mia and Dylan left to return to the US, and over this past weekend both replacement teachers were finally here. Actually Matt, one of the new teachers, arrived a week and a half ago.

My laptop power cord died a few weeks ago and thankfully I was able to get my laptop working again by buying the Korean equivelant for my laptop. I'm still going to upgrade to a newer laptop. Apparently they're called notebooks here and not laptops.

I've made a few Korean friends outside of people I know through work through some other American friends and have been learning a few more phrases to add to my roster here and there. But now I can be more expressive than "Hello!" "Thank You" "1-10" "Delicious!" "Here" "There" "Where?" "How much?" Now I can say things like "looks delicious" "good" "bad" "really?" "looks pretty/beautiful" "handsome" "cute" etc.

I'd be doing you all a great dis-service if I didn't mention that I found a Barrack Obama comic book at a store. My students told me about it and when I got groceries I had to look for it.

My dad's going to come out here at the end of this month and I can't wait to show him around.

Life is good out here. This upcoming weekend we're thinking of traveling up north to Seoul. We're going to rent a van and there'll be a big group of us.

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group shotgroup shot
group shot

here's the only group shot I took of everybody.
Star IslandStar Island
Star Island

Read the sign.
Barrack Obama ComicBarrack Obama Comic
Barrack Obama Comic

Taken a few days before my trip to Oedaldo. I've shaved since then.

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