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October 7th 2009
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Sunrise PeakSunrise PeakSunrise Peak

view from the top before dawn
The alarm went off at 4:30am as we decided on our last day we would take the hour drive out to Sunrise Peak and watch the sun come up. We went down the the lobby to check out the weather before we made the drive and it said Windy each hour so we decided to go since no rain or clouds were in the hour by hour forecast.

As we got on the scooter the forecast was correct it was WINDY!!! We made it out to Sunrise Peak in record time of 50 minutes and got there around 5:50am. The sun was scheduled to rise at 6:31am that day per the list at the box office. We started to make the trek up the peak that has over 600 steps to climb. As we walked up the peak there were SO MANY older people doing it and it made me motivated to not stop, if they can do this at 70+ yrs old, I can do it at 28 yrs old.

We got to the top and it was extremely windy and dark still. I took some pictures of the area before it got light out. As time approached 6:31 I was getting anxious cause it seemed pretty cloudy and I was unsure how we would actually see the sun rise. As it got closer and closer people started to leave. We waited around until 7am and we didn't get to see the sun rise due to the cloud cover. OH WELL, if we wouldn't have make the 1 trip out there we would have regretted it.

On our way back down we bought some flavored chocolates that Jeju is famous for, some for us to eat and brought packages back for our teachers at Long Cheng Senior High. We also bought 2 little Dolharubangs made out of the volcanic rock found no the island for our apartment. We decided to take another scenic route back to the hotel and rest for 3 hours before meeting Emma for lunch at 12:15.

We meet Emma for lunch and she took us to the MOST AMAZING!!!!!! Mexican food we have had since leaving San Diego. I know we ate Mexican food in Seoul but this was SO MUCH BETTER in Jeju. Pete had a beef burrito, I had a shrimp burrito and also chips with salsa and guacamole. That hit the spot as that would be the last time we had Mexican food for awhile. After lunch we returned our scooter to Mr. Lee's Bike shop then took a taxi back to our hotel.

Once we got to the hotel it was around 1:30pm and our flight was at 3:10pm back to Seoul so we could transfer to Incheon Airport from Gimpo airport then fly back to Hong Kong at 7:45pm. We killed our time at the hotel getting our fix of Facebook since it is not blocked in South Korea. Then we went to a local coffee shop and got some drinks before taking a taxi to the small Jeju airport. We arrived at the airport at 2:29pm, checked in, went through security and arrived at the gate by 2:39pm(felt like San Diego airport on a good day). We were sad to leave Jeju but excited that we had such a blast.

It was a quick flight to Gimpo airport in Seoul. When we arrived we got down to baggage claim got our suitcase and headed outside where there were several buses that would take us directly to Incheon Airport that is about 25-30 minutes away(reminds
Sunrise PeakSunrise PeakSunrise Peak

as it was getting closer to 6:31am
me of Midway to Ohare in Chicago, before Midway renovation, Gimpo is a dive) The bus ride was only 5,000 won=$4.16 per person and it was such a comfortable bus with seats that reclined back and were padded like a Lazy Boy.

Once we got to Incheon we got our luggage checked in, exchanged our left over Korean Won back into Chinese RMB and also some Hong Kong Dollars since we would be arriving at 10:30 in Hong Kong we were going to crash there for the night, eat Western Breakfast again at Holiday Inn then head back to Longgang. We have mastered the A21 bus from Hong Kong Airport back down to Kowloon where we stayed in a hostel again for the night. We found a double bed room that was no bigger than 7x7ft for 100 HKD=$12.90. I didn't really care since it was already 12:15am and we just needed a place to sleep under morning.

In the morning we had our breakfast then headed back to our place. It took us 3 hrs and 30 minutes from the Holiday Inn, Hong Kong metro to the Shenzhen border crossing, subway to our bus stop in Futian(part of Shenzhen), bus ride to Longgang, then until we got to our front door. AHH finally home. We actually were relieved when we got home at 1pm then we could rest until we had to teach on Friday. Only in China do they make you come back to work on Friday and teach Saturday to "make up" some days of class that were missed over the holiday.

We had a great trip and another 2 countries added to our list.
Elyse=16 countries visited
Pete=7 countries visited

Until next time enjoy!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah we teach October 12-16th then we have off a week since our Senior 1 kids go to mandatory Military Training we will be traveling within China for 5-7 days. I think I can actually start to appreciate life in China.

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view up the path to the topview up the path to the top
view up the path to the top

This was taken after our trek down.
Picture at bottom of hillPicture at bottom of hill
Picture at bottom of hill

This is Sunrise Peak with the sun coming up over the ocean, reminded us of what we could have seen
Me and Mr LeeMe and Mr Lee
Me and Mr Lee

Scooter shop owner
Pete and Mr LeePete and Mr Lee
Pete and Mr Lee

He spoke great English and is the only place on the island that will rent to foreigners.
Pete getting his fix of FBPete getting his fix of FB
Pete getting his fix of FB

before we departed at Incheon Airport

14th October 2009

travel in China
Just saw you'll be traveling in China for 5 to 7 days - I just mailed you an article from United magazine about 3 great days in Shanghai - probably be there when you get back -

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