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Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju January 24th 2010

The $7 down jacket was the story of pursuit this past week. In my last minute packing I decided I didn't need to bring mine. Then, well, I realized that although I can live in the woods and not wash my clothes for extended periods of time, I can't do that in civilization. In order to stay warm I was wearing everything I brought. Now I'm rocking it ghetto superstar style in my new puffy! I can't believe its been a week already. The only way I've know how to travel is to become completely immersed in whatever country I'm in. I'm finding it a bit hard to do this round. Guess I'll be learning a new way to travel now! I do find it incredible how adaptable people are. I'm again reminded of the fact ... read more
Ice picks, sleds and Americans!
Doorway through time
Winter Temple

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju January 17th 2010

Woohoo I'm here! After 4 airports, 2.5 hrs of searching for my bag and 2 hrs of sleep over a period of over 40 hours I made it! The turbulance on the plane was so bad that my well laid plans of sleeping were quickly, and violently, destroyed. Oh well, sometimes I just need a reminder that I really don't control everything :) I know that I had to plan a lot in order to make this trip happen, but I learned a valuable lesson. I do better with just going. I enjoy the researching and learning about a place...but as most of you know I get very excited. When that happens I don't sleep. Somehow my body just clicks into a bizarre "go" mode and no amount of Rescue Remedy calms it down. Then I ... read more
Korea, I'm here
Say what...?

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju November 9th 2009

Mike and I spent this past weekend exploring the city of Gyeongju, regarded by many Koreans as one of the most important cities in the country. Gyeongju is about an hour north-west of Yangsan and we got there by bus (the ticket for which cost a mere 3,700W!). During the Silla Dynasty (57 BC - 935 AD), Gyeongju was the capital of the country, so it holds many important remains of that period, so long ago. The weekend started with me being a little sick but we decided to make the trek anyways, because the beautiful colours of fall make this city a perfect destination this time of year. Unfortunately I felt even worse come Saturday morning so we got off to a late start when I had finally taken enough meds to feel up for ... read more
Anapji Pond
Anapji Pond
Anapji Pond

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju October 30th 2009

Thank goodness for swine flu! The kids were dropping like flies so my boss decided to shut the school for one day and we took the opportunity to head to Gyeongju, which is where we wanted to go to at Chuseok, but couldn't get train tickets. 30th Oct: Up early, got a cab to Suwon station, just made it on to the train with about a minute to spare, as our taxi had been stuck in traffic. The train journey wasn't too long, about a couple of hours and we had a thoroughly unhealthy breakfast of full fat coke and pringles, since that was all they really sold in the buffet car. When we arrived at Gyeongju, we went to the tourist information booth at the station to ask about hotels or hostels, the woman was ... read more
Tumuli Park
Tumuli Park
Tumuli Park

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju October 5th 2009

I never thought I would see a second Chusok weekend in South Korea but there I was 13 months in and so happy that we had a long weekend! Since staying in the city for Chusok was not at all what any of us had in mind we enlisted the services of Jusine’s very awesome Korean Co-teacher, Sophia, to help organise us a little get away to Gyeongju so see the cultural centre of South Korea. Naturally trying to co-ordinate train tickets on Chusok weekend for six girls all with different departure schedules proves a little challenging and getting myself a train ticket was proving imposable so I opted to take the bus (supposedly a mere 4hr journey) and was due to meet the girls around 11:30/ 12ish in Daegu and from there we had planned ... read more
One of the Locals
And The Holiday begins

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju August 21st 2009

Or anyone grossed out by sexual "art" and toilet humour. Seriously, I'm not joking. There'll be another post for you to read, I promise. Last chance to turn back. Well first of all, I know I've been even worse than usual with the posting. But I've had a hell of a time lately, lost (and found!) passport, etc. Sigh. To answer my cousin's query, I'm in Seoul right now. Sunday I fly to Bangkok through Beijing. Gyeonju To return to the story, I arrived in Gyeonju (the pronunciation is actually closer to Kee-yong-ju despite the spelling) by bus from Busan. It's only a couple hours north. The Korean buses are in excellent condition, over air-conditioned, just because they can be. They're also cheap, at least compared to Japanese transportation. Gyeonju is known for being a "museum ... read more
Big Bell
The Misty Fog
For a donation...

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju June 17th 2009

Gyeongju Two weeks ago we finally got to a place that I have been wanting to go to for a while now. It is one of the only touristy places in Korea outside of the major cities. Our good friend Sid was having his good friend Anoushka coming to visit him from Germany. Anoushka was wonderfully organized and managed to find an incredible guest house for us to stay in. It was this 100 year old traditional Korean style house. Complete with the super tiny rooms and heated floors. There were gardens and a common area in the middle with a fire pit and picnic tables. There was a common dinning room a shared kitchen and computer with free internet. The kitchen came equipped with eggs, toast and jam so you could make your own breakfast. ... read more
The indoor well
Bomoun Lake

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju June 14th 2009

In June we took another day trip and went to visit Gyeongju, Korea's museum without walls. Gyeongju as the capital of the ancient Shilla Kingdom, one of the main three Korean Kingdoms, which reigned from 57BC to 935AD. As a result, it is very rich in Korean history. After we got off of the train we went across the street in search of food. We didn't have any luck finding a restaurant so Mike settled for Dunkin Donuts and I ate the peanut butter and honey sandwich I had brought with me. To supplement our meager lunch, we bought a small bag of mandarin oranges from a woman on the street. Although there were probably close to 10 mandarin oranges, they did not last very long. We continued on foot, making our way through town to ... read more
Gyeongju National Museum
Anapji Pond
Mound Tombs

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju March 3rd 2009

Being relatively ‘old hats’ at this Korean gig, we still find ourselves in positions that truly boggle our minds. These last two weekends we went back on the prowl, the first weekend to Seoul and this past weekend we began our assault on the southern half of this country. Before our routine begins again with the start of the school year March 2nd, we caught some good music, were given an interesting gift courtesy of our accommodations, and saw some of the oldest and most incredible sights of Korean’s Buddhism history. Seoul, as often as we visit there, still has surprises waiting for us. With the help of, fittingly, Rockstar Kim navigating the Korean website, Cass and I got our hands on some Jason Mraz tickets for Feb. 21st. Not only do I enjoy his lyrical ... read more
That's how happy Cass is to see Mraz
Flags at Olympic Park
Olympic Gate

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju January 30th 2009

Wow.. what can I say about temple stay! One of the weirdest and most amazing experiences of my life. I spent 24 hours living like a Buddhist monk! They have a lifestyle very different to most of us, from getting up at 4am to pray, to eating every last speck of food on their plate. I mean there’s no way I could do it for longer than a day or 2.. but it was great experiencing it just for one day. When I first arrived at the temple, I was shown to my room. Now buddhists don’t believe in possessions, so the room only had a pillow, and 2 blankets for me to sleep with! I didn’t mind though. So I left my bags in my room, then I was shown around the temple by a ... read more
Temple stay
Temple stay
Temple stay

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