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May 27th 2006
Published: May 27th 2006
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So last Wednesday was our going away party at Westfair (a local dive that is never busy, but has great drinks). The last four years in Bakersfield have been suprisingly interesting, and I have met some incredible people; however, everybody is now venturing in new directions, and it's about damn time. Recently Bakersfield was acknowledged in the newspaper for being "# 1 in Smog!" in the whole U.S....fabulous. I've read that the cities in S. Korea have horrible air, but I guess it will be just like home 😊

Stephanie and Staci, my burnette devil-angels (more devil than angel) are moving to the beautiful serenity of California's National Park. In the fall, they will be laying in sun filled, sandy beaches of Cali. Good luck ladies!!

Even though my brother, Kevin, and I didn't get along growing up, we have grown extremely close in the last few years. I will miss him the most. He has taught me to relax a little and have a good time. This mostly entailed me getting way too drunk and regretting it with monster hanger over the next day. As you can see in the picture, he has an infatuation for boobs...so I
Going Away Party Going Away Party Going Away Party

Beth, Me, Steph, John "The Ultimate Bartender", Katie, Kevin, and Staci....notice how my brother reaches for Staci's boob
think he's a pretty normal guy. Kev, good luck with your new house and job in the midwest!!

As for me, I will be leaving behind a remarkable bunch of 8th graders. This last year of teaching has been incredible. The last field trip we went on was to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. The whole museum was unbelievable, especially the Presidential plane. Let's just say that between a personal chef, bunk beds (which I guess only the first lady uses), and a dozen other imenities (including a big red button that the Pres could push to activate nuclear weapons) the Presidents are hooked up....and I was excited by TVs and headphones on my last flight.

I finally got all my muy importante documents off to the school I will be working for in Gwangju. Tomorrow I am selling all of my personal things. Mostly I am saving pics, clothes, and important documents. Although I am nervous about selling everything, it is also very liberating. I guess I better save some money this year, because I won't have a damn thing when I get back...hmm...so South Korea it is in two weeks. Woohoo!

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Take the damn picture all ready, Kevin!
The TrioThe Trio
The Trio

Steph, Kev, and Me...stay away from her boobs Kevin!
Ronald Reagan's Presidential PlaneRonald Reagan's Presidential Plane
Ronald Reagan's Presidential Plane

Museum is right on top of the San Andrea's Fault...hope there's no major earthquakes anytime soon
8th Grade AVID8th Grade AVID
8th Grade AVID

My darling 8th graders
George Washington PaintingGeorge Washington Painting
George Washington Painting

Washington hides his hand because the painting was cheaper if hands were in pockets
Tour GuideTour Guide
Tour Guide

My kids, pretending to listen to our 17 year old tour guide who knew more history than anyone in the world

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