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Asia » South Korea » Gwangju July 5th 2015

Day 22 Yesterday I travelled to Gwangju, it's the sixth largest city in South Korea and there lives about 1.5 million people. From Daegu it took about 3 hours by bus and I arrived to U-Square Bus Terminal, which is Gwangju's main terminus. From there I took a bus to Pedro's House hostel. In the hostel I was greeted by the owner Pedro. I was given a welcome drink and got to also browse 3 folders, which were full of information about things to do, see and eat in Gwangju. I was really lucky that I had booked my hostel quite early, because the 2015 Summer Universiade is held in Gwangju while I'm staying here. After getting my stuff to the room I went to eat dinner to a restaurant called Mudeungjeong. The restaurant is a ... read more
Juknokwon, Bamboo forest
U-Square bus terminal
Mudeungjeong restaurant

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju October 12th 2014

Korea's newest national park, Mudeungsan National Park! It became the twenty-first national park of Korea in 2012, and is still so new it doesn't even feature on the National Park website. Before becoming a national park, it was a provincial park. I came to Gwangju a few months ago, but didn't see much of the city, so I vowed to return. This time, I still didn't really see anything of the city, but the real purpose of my visit was to Mudeungsan for a nice autumn hike. I was up at the crack of dawn, after very little sleep, it's been a long time since I slept in a dorm. I took the subway to the Culture Complex station, and took exit three. I found the bus stop with a bit of difficulty, I was on ... read more
Mudeungsan National Park
Wonhyosa Temple
Wonhyosa Temple

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju October 15th 2011

I used a three-day holiday weekend at the beginning of October to take a trip to the city of Gwangju with 3 friends. Gwangju is about 3 hours southwest of Daegu. Originally we had wanted to go to Jin Island (Jindo), but we decided if the weather were bad we’d have little to do. We decided to go to Gwangju instead because it seemed close to the beach and near a lot of islands. We’d never been to that area of Korea, so this was our chance. We left Saturday morning and arrived in the early afternoon. We dropped our bags off at the hostel and then set off to sightsee around the city. Gwangju is advertised as being artsy. It did seem artsier than Daegu. There is a huge art gallery (which we didn’t go ... read more
Parade Participants
Singing Performance

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju January 16th 2011

I have returned to South Korea. This time, I will be residing in the sixth largest city: Gwangju. Two weeks in, I have seen the pedestrian downtown, walked most of Sangmu, visited some local attractions, and have signed up for yoga classes. I flew out of Atlanta on New Year’s Day (a day that saw Michigan—and other Big Ten teams—get embarrassed) headed to Seoul, with stopovers in Phoenix and Los Angeles. After leaving my house 36 hours earlier, I pulled up to the Gwangju Bus Terminal where my new boss, her sister, and a new work colleague waited for me. Following quick greetings, we were on our way. I went grocery shopping, settled into my new apartment, and slept the rest of the afternoon. That night, I was invited out to dinner with the English teachers ... read more
Dinner II
Duck Soup

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju March 27th 2010

So I'm now a month into life in the ROK and so far I'm really enjoying it. Despite many frustrations of not knowing where things are, difficulties with simple things like finding a meal and household items I'm slowly getting a grasp on things. I can now read Korean somewhat, although I need to work on my vowels, and therefore I've become much more comfortable finding food on menus written only in Korean and finding my way around when only a few of the street signs have English translations. Still pretty lost but starting to figure things out. Next missions include finding Homeplus to check out microwaves, and finding my way to the jimjilbang in Cheomdan and the Ethnic Cafe downtown when my cousin Russ comes to visit me in just a few weeks, as well ... read more
My neighbourhood
My neighbourhood
My neighbourhood

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju March 6th 2010

So I've been in South Korea for a week now and finally have a little bit of time to write about my adventures so far. I arrived in Seoul at 3:30am last Saturday morning, because of the time change, I did not get a Friday last week. Being greatly sleep-deprived due to an approximately 11 year old boy kicking my seat for 13 hours I went through immigration only to find out the flight attendants had neglected to give most of the foreigners on the plane the correct entry documents, always fun :-) Once I made it through there and got my bags (nothing was lost or damaged...excellent!) I eventually found my way to the bus stop and after much staring and walking in circles figured out the ticket desk opened at 5:40 am and my ... read more
Scary Ronald

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju December 7th 2009

After spending a few weekends in Yangsan, we were feeling a strong need to get out and see something new, so we decided to check out Gwangju, the 4th largest city in Korea, with 1.4 million people in Jeollanam province on the West side of Korea. We randomly ran into two friends, Eric and Moiz on the bus, who just happened to be heading in the same direction! We decided to stick together since none of us had the faintest idea where to go once we got to Gwangju at 10pm. After wandering around for a bit, we came across this small, old motel that had ondol rooms. Now, Moiz and Eric had done the ondol thing before, but this was a first for Mike and I, and overall it was kinda cool! Essentially, its a ... read more
The view from our motel room...
Small temple we stopped at on our way to Art Street
Statue at temple

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju June 22nd 2009

I had been looking so forward to this trip and even more so cause I would have a couple of good travel companions for the trip! Tea picking in Boseong in spring, what a treat! 7am and we were on our way to the Incheon bus terminal soon to be on rout to Gwanju. The buses in Korea as I have mentions so often are fantastic but the half way stops (AKA Engen 1 stop type spots) are even more incredible, in fact I think astounding is a better word! After two hours on the bus we pulled off the road at the 1 stop and you have 15 minutes to have a loo and snack break a big challenging when 500 buses carrying 40+ passengers all stop at the same time. We were nervous cause ... read more
Ladies picking tea
Green Tea Ice cream parlor
Green Tea Ice cream, well deserved

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju April 6th 2009

So let's see if I can keep it updated this time around. I guess I better get up to speed. I left Denver on Sunday (March 9) in the AM. I made the big mistake of going out to the Ogden with my dad for my last night. Our intentions were good, just grab some food and I'd pick up my last paycheck. Ended up pretty much closing the bar down and getting a bit too hammered. Instead of going back to my folks' house and finish packing, I passed out on their sofa only to be awakened by my mother about one hour before we had to leave for the airport. I frantically packed my shit, almost forgot my passport, and headed off to the airport. After dragging ass through DIA I was finally Korea ... read more
First random pics in Gwangju
nights out in Gwangju
more randoms

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju December 13th 2008

Well just as my entry title says, I hopped on a bus today and went to Gwangju. That's a large city kind of north-east of where I'm at. It definitely seems like a bigger town than Mokpo and it should because it is. There's the 7 story electronics mall which was fairly awesome. I'll have to go back when I have more money haha. Gwangju has a much larger downtown area than Mokpo for sure. I went with my new friend Bob and we explored a bunch of Gwangju, looking but not finding the underground western stores. They're literally underneath the ground near a subway entrance I'm led to believe. I guess if I find them I could get deli meat like turkey and other western delights that Mokpo is missing. It's roughly an hour bus ... read more
A river
shopping district
A lit up walkway

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