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May 8th 2006
Published: May 8th 2006
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I will be leaving to Gwangju, S. Korea around June 12th, and I need advice on what essentials to bring and what I should leave behind. So far, I have gathered that deodorant, toothpaste, and other toiletries are very expensive there, and I should pack a year's supply...true?

I've also been reading a lot of blogs that say the weather is very unstable...one day it's hot, the next day freezing. If I don't pack a lot of clothes, are there places that sell clothes at a decent price, or should I pack as much as possible?

I don't have a lot of family here, so I am pretty much selling most of my things. I can get by with pretty little, but I also don't want to end up paying $20 for a simple product I can get here for $2.

Any help would be appreciated!!



13th May 2006

Bri, I have been living in Kunsan for 9 months, I have been in Korea for 1 year and 5 months. I have not found any deoderant in the local stores, but things like tooth past and other things are kinda cheep. Clothing, well that is an other thing, remember almost 90% of Koreans are short and thin, I have trouble buying any type of clothes. But all-in-all I think you will adapt if you are flexible. Hope you enjoy your stay. John
18th May 2006

ivebeen in gwangju teaching , bring deodorant its dear here, mostly sold in body shop , regarding clothes the weathers been unpredictable , id bring as much as pos, but theres still quite reasonably priced clothes here, , erm ive not had any other issues generally, just realise its still been cold ,
30th July 2006

Can't Wait
Ray wants you to know that he loves your mom.
30th July 2006

Can't Wait...
...to romance your mom. Ray want you to know that he loves your mother.

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