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March 6th 2010
Published: March 8th 2010
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Gangcheon is a small place outside of Chuncheon City. There isn't a great deal to do here but its not far to get to it and you can hike or rent an ATV/bike/scooter and drive around like the locals do.

How to get there:

From Chuncheon:
Bus: take a bus from Chuncheon city centre: 3, 5, 50, 50-1
Cost: 1000 won
Journey Time: about 30 mins

Train: take the Seoul bound train one stop to Gangcheon station
Cost: 2,500 won
Journey Time: 20 minutes

From Seoul:
Train: take the Namchuncheon train get of at Gangcheon stn.
Cost: 4,000won approx
Journey Time: 1hr 45 mins

We went by train because we were unsure what local buses from Chuncheon went there. Once we arrived and realized there were three buses that stop outside my front door we were laughing at ourselves because it had been a rather eventful journey to get there. The trains from Nam-Chuncheon are pretty much every hour. We decided to take the 12:50 and left the flat at 12:00. we went to the bus stop and then realized the number 9 bus didn't stop there so we walked about 10 minutes to the other road. The number 9 bus was going to be 10 minutes and the train was at 12:50. We wern't going to make it so we decided to take a cab ... except there were no cabs! None for 10 minutes. By this point the bus was coming and we wern't going to make the train. Looking at the train timetable we realized that there was 2 hrs between the 12:50 and the 14:40 of course - typical! Anyway, we got the the station and waited. We got to Gangcheon in 20 minutes arriving at 3pm. We had left the house at noon. Outside the train station was a bus stop with four buses that go past my flat! hahahaha.

Gangcheon seems to be one main street lined with restaurants and bike/ATV rentals. That was really all there was and we walked all the way down. It wasn't the most happening place for a Saturday afternoon. We saw a few couples on tandems falling over and 20-something men on scooters in a suit with their giggling girlfriends. There were people on ATV's some families had 3 or 4 people on one ATV! We noticed that in order to rent an ATV you have to hand over your license.

The Gugok Falls are marked clearly and they are 2km off the main road. The buses 50 and 50-1 go up that road to the entrance of the hiking area. We didn't go to the hiking trail because it looked like it was going to rain and also because neither of us were dressed to hike - nd my friend was wearing her new trainers we got in Seoul last weekend.

We took the bus home and it was only 25 minutes and so much easier than the train!


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