Wondering Anmyeondo {Darrell}

Published: May 30th 2007
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A long walk on a shelly beach
Tuesday's travelling took us by bus over a bridge to the island of Anmyeondo. We so enjoyed the trips on the cool busses with their big glass windows. The route wound through the small roads of the biggish island between rice paddies and small gardens, every now and then opening out onto the white sandy coast.

On one of the maps I saw a photo of a long white beach with two rocky offshore islands. The photo looked strangely familiar, so we found directions to the beach, which was called Kkotji. The view really was beautiful and the rocky islands made a beautiful horizon. The beach itself was covered is shells, and didn't look all that comfortable to sleep on, but next to the beach was a big park that had been built for some convention in 2002. Nobody seemed very interested in it, and we decided to ask the lady at the gate if we could camp inside. At first we were not sure whether she was saying yes or did not understand us, but after asking her in three different ways in very broken Korean. She just waved us in. We couldn't really believe that it was
Kkotji Beachside resort. Kkotji Beachside resort. Kkotji Beachside resort.

The abandoned park that we made home for the night
okay to camp in there. We picked our way through the rose gardens and fountains to the other end of the park where we found a soft spot between some pine trees. And the park gave us the added bonus of being our first campsite with ablutions!

The rest of the afternoon we spent on a looong walk down the very long beach. We dawdled along really slowly, stopping often to admire the beautiful shells that lay all over the beach. Cathy collected a whole bunch of them to put in her fish tank back at EV. At the far end of the beach we stopped to read our books and doze off. As the sun started to set again, we headed back to the campsite, going for a walk via the nearby village to pick up a few noodles (again!) and other supper supplies.

Back in the far end of the deserted park we curled up inside our tent, to enjoy a really hot (spicy) supper, read a bit and end off our lazy day with an early night.

First thing in the morning we boiled a bit of water for a cup of
Rice paddiesRice paddiesRice paddies

Green farms along the roadside on Anmyeondo island
coffee and then packed everything back into our bags. Walking out of this public park so early in the morning we felt really sneaky, but excited at having spent the night. We walked back to the intercity bus terminal. I thought it would be quick because the local bus to the beach had only seemed like 5 mins. Ended up closer to an hour, but it was fun walking past local men gardening, kids playing and dogs in the streets.

At the terminal we managed to find the bus that would take us to the ferry jetty on the southern most tip of the island. The bus ride down through the small villages and farming communities, with views of the white coast was one of the best way sto see the island and was a real highlight on our trip. Within minutes of arriving at the jetty we were standing on the deck of a ferry in the cool sea breeze, on our way Dacheon Beach on the mainland.

Although lined with seafood restaurants and hotels, the beach was really long and beautiful. AS we got to the beach, the local ajummas were comming out of the water
On the road, well sea, againOn the road, well sea, againOn the road, well sea, again

Waiting for the ferry back to the mainland
in their wetsuits dragging huge nets of shellfish they had caught. These greying women swim out to sea and then dive crazy amounts of seafood out for the nearby restaurants. Nuts!

Our plans had been to see the beach and then head off to the nearby national museum by bus. But after playing in the cool turquoise water in the hot sun for half an hour, we decided that it was not a day for being indoors. Instead we found a little store to buy bread and bannanas, and opted to spend the whole day on the beach.

We ended up getting really sunfried (after three months of working and winter, we are not quite as tanned as when we were students and could bum on the beach), but the beach was pretty empty and the weather was fantastic. What better way to unwind?

In the late afternoon we caught a bus back to Seoul. Back to another 2 week stint in the foreigner zoo...

Additional photos below
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A little house in the woods.A little house in the woods.
A little house in the woods.

Cathy peers out of our little campsite in the trees
Amphibian AjumaAmphibian Ajuma
Amphibian Ajuma

This old lady was one of several who had spent the whole morning diving to take out bags of shellfish. They then load it all up on their backs and head off up the beach to sell it. These old women are tough!!

Picnicing in the sun
I found a Kite!!!I found a Kite!!!
I found a Kite!!!

The owner hadn't bought it in Korea, wasn't really sure how to fly it, and there was far too little wind. That's all I could find out using hand gestures. It made me homesick!
Seoul Nambu Bus terminalSeoul Nambu Bus terminal
Seoul Nambu Bus terminal

Cathy trying to orentate herself in the "Arrivals Hall" of the huge intercity bus terminal

11th June 2007

AAAH,even I miss the beach now..
Voordat ek nou weer 'n comment maak wil ek net gou weet, hoe neem julle die foto's van julle twee as julle hand aan hand op die strand stap...wie neem die fotos...omtrent in almal van hulle is julle albei? Ek verstaan nie..hehehe En die ergste is ek kan nie meer se eks blond nie...ek het my hare ROOI gekleur!!! hehehehe Sal mre probeer foto's stuur! Lief julle altwee! ...en werk maar biki aan daai tan hoor...Cat everything but the face...SPF30!!! heheh
11th July 2007

Hoop jy is die regte Darryl wat ons gehelp het...
Goed om ander foto's van Korea en die Village te sien. Dit lyk great daar. Het my mal gesukkel om enige iets anders oor die Village te kry. Daar is so baie informasie dat 'n mens nie eintlik weet wa om te soek nie. Indien als vlot loop dan sien ek en Michelle julle in vroƫ September. Kon ongelukkig nie als lees nie aangesien ons vakansie opgeneem word deur papierwerk vir Minjung, maar dit lyk nogal lekker. Cheers

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