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June 18th 2010
Published: June 25th 2010
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First thing in the morning I ran round to the Indian restaurant id frequented during my time in Kuala Lumpur, the guy at the hotplate saw me coming and I gave him a nod which meant his services were required, he knew I always went for either Roti Canai (Plain roti with curry sauce or a Banana roti). After breakfast I made a quick stop at the hostel and made my way to the nearest bus stop. I was sat on the local bus with just over an hour to go before my bus to Singapore would depart, the ride to the station took approx 25 mins and after sitting on the bus for 20 minutes I was getting antsy. Thankfully when I was just about to start gnawing off my hand the bus slowly rolled forwards, at last we were underway. I made it to the station, stopped in at the disgusting toilets and ran to get the bus which left 10 minutes after I took my seat. The ride was pleasant; the aircon wasn’t so strong that I’d lost all feeling in my extremities, something that had happened on a couple of my other trips. The border crossings were simple and efficient in both the Malaysian and Singaporean customs stops. The bus league of the journey complete I now had to find somewhere to stay, sods law I walked away from everything of interest along a huge street called Lavender street, realising this I did a U-turn and found a great hostel which had just been completely refurbished so I had a brand new IKEA bed and mattress so I was likely to be in the first 50 to sleep on it.


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