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June 26th 2008
Published: June 26th 2008
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Just hanging aroundJust hanging aroundJust hanging around

A flying fox drama at Singapore zoo, add your own captions !
Only a day and a half in Singapore, boy did we mis-plan that one! Yes, yes we know its a built up City and so should be hectic, chaotic and too tall and yes it kind of is..... but its so well designed. They call it "fine city" so you can't spit, hold hands, litter or eat/drink on the tube, but for all that theres a level of respect (yes based on fines) and for many people reading this living in our lovely country of Britain (getting the bus with all those chav's that blast their crap music out wtihout a care for other passengers) then we can't complain as a tourist. The City has a great skyline that is tastefully lit by night and theres a river that meanders through the City that stops you from getting lost. We had a wow moment that made us giggle, when a rickshaw drove towards us with neon flashing lights and Bon Jovi "living on a prayer" booming out. You could stay here for a month and not get bored of the array of restaurants and they even have primary rainforest only a few miles out of the City centre, not bad hey!
They call it fine cityThey call it fine cityThey call it fine city

Signs like this are everywhere.

We spent a full day at the zoo (not something we'd usually be up for but none of the animals are conventionally enclosed and its won many awards). I think Jacky saw every animal she'd been itching to see. Sloth (two toes not three, just in case you were wondering), manitee, sun bear, tapir as well as polar bears and pigmy hippo's! We walked for hours only surviving on too many helpings of Ben & Jerrys. Can't recommend this place enough! Hey ho leaving Asia now and off for a few days to Melbourne (Jon's cousin lives there) so we'll have cooler climates and too much chat about 'neighbours', or are we just being stereotypical? So its g'day from us!

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Time for a swim ?
Feeding time at the zooFeeding time at the zoo
Feeding time at the zoo

Do you think the croc had a chance of getting the ice cream off Jacky ?

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