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August 14th 2006
Published: August 17th 2006
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Couldn't resist popping into the world renowned Zoo yesterday, but unfortunately the photos didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, but nevertheless it was a good day out. Took the cable car over to the Plastic Fantastic island of Sentosa, Singapore's little tourist heaven with artificial beaches overlooking oil tankers....lovely, but more importantly one last chance for tan top up!

One last day on the beach....

I can't believe today has finally come.

Today I go home.

Mostly I'm ecstatic! Can't wait to set foot on British soil again, although I know it's probably be a rather large anticlimax. I'm longing for the cool weather, a pint of northern tap water from the Lakes and some non-Halal chocolate, never mind a large portion of greasy fish and chips....mmmmmmm. I just hope there are no problems with the flight, especially after Britain has just raised its terrorism alert status to 'critical' and I'm not allowed liquids or gels in my hhand luggage just incase they are explosives!


So this will probably be the last entry that I write.

Sad really, I've enjoying keeping this blog so much, even if nobody is reading it, it's been so good knowing that I dont have to rely on my crappy memory to save all this ever so precious memories, and they are, I've had the most amazing 10 months of adventure, meeting some wonderful people, doing things I'd never imagined and seeing lands so alien yet so captivating that it's no surprise my photos and videos now fill over 20 CDs.

It's true what people say.....travelling is addictive.....but I think whats more to the point is simply that experiences are addictive and they don't often come knocking on your door, you've got to get out there and hunt them down....needless to say I'm already saving up for next time.

Thanks for sharing this with me.

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Polar BearPolar Bear
Polar Bear

Undeniably the more awsome snimal in the zoo!
Polar BearPolar Bear
Polar Bear

Undeniably the more awsome snimal in the zoo!

15th February 2011
Albino Tiger

these cool creaters
i think the albino tiger is the most beutifuliest animal in the world

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