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April 26th 2012
Published: May 8th 2012
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Our cable car ride from Vivo city to Sentosa can only be described as magical. It was a typical gorgeous sunny day, 30ish degrees. After a nice lunch at Vivo, we decided to head over to Sentosa.

Sentosa means “peace and tranquility” in Malay. Located across the harbour this island is a theme park for kids, teenagers and adults alike. I would equate it to smaller version of Disney World without the Disney stuff of course. It was the 40 year anniversary when we visited.

As you ride over Sentosa by cable car you can see the new resort that opened up there in 2010. Beautiful villas, some with private pools offer families a resort experience with easy walking to the huge hotel and casino on the other side of the island. As you arrive to Imbiah look out you are greeted by palm trees, green grass and a huge museum. There are a number of things you can do on the island. Of course here are a number of rides and attractions you can visit. There are passes you can buy if you want to enjoy those.

For those of you who don’t like rides there are many walks you can take on the island. There is a beautiful tea garden where you can see the variety of tea plants grown there. You can pack a picnic lunch and take a stroll to the beach where you can swim and enjoy the day if that suits your fancy. If you prefer, you can come by during sun set and stay back to enjoy one of the many tropical bars and restaurants on the island.

We took the walking/exploring route. The island is beautiful and well laid out, much like everything else in Singapore. The routes are well thought out so even though there are a lot of people there you don’t feel like you’re in a crowd. The other great things is you can visit the most southern point in Continental Asia, which we did. It’s absolutely breathtaking at sun set. If you go to Sentosa visit Palawan Beach.

There is a giant size replica of the Merlion lion on the island that lights up at night time. The walk from Merlion to the beach area has a coral mosaic water way which is beautiful in the day and lights up at night time.

There is no admission fee to enter the park, it’s FREE. We ended up spending the afternoon and evening at Sentosa for free.

Take subway to Harbour Front station. You need to go to Vivo city to buy the fun passes or take the tram to Sentosa. The tram runs about $3 for the ride. If you want to go on any of the rides or visit the attractions you can buy a day pass or discounted passes which run about $70-80 for the day.

If you decide to take the cable car (recommend), go outside to the Harbour Front tower 2 to get the cable car. There are many signs to find it. The cable car ride allows to you see an aerial view of how Sentosa is laid out. The cable car ride is $23 one way; $25 returns.

I would recommend you visit this beautiful island if you have some time in Singapore. The best time to go there is in the afternoon during the week. As you can imagine weekends and school holidays are busy!

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