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June 25th 2009
Published: June 25th 2009
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The gathering was at the homely Hachi Tei Restaurant located at Tanjong Pagar. Tucked away along the quiet street of Telok Ayer, the family restaurant boasts a relatively comprehensive menu @ modest prices. From bento sets to soba to sashimi, there was a bit of everything for everybody.

Eight of us gathered (AL & Ms C, EK & XMM, Mr K, Mr KFC and JC) for my 29 years 363 days and XMM 2x years 361 days celebration.

As I welcomed (or should I say dread) the Big Three reality to hit me hard tomorrow, there was a general sense of loss as I said goodbye to my twenties. Enter a threshold of a new era and a new phase of “Uncle Hood” which I needed sometime to come to terms to.

It was always fun hanging out with this group of friends which I had known them during my previous stint. They were a funny lot and there was always plenty of laughter from everybody. As I was preparing for bed late last night, I’m thankful that my relationship with my friends had not ended after I left my previous job. There were still occasions that we meet up as most of us move on with our hectic lives. And probably only with this group of special friends would I received a unique “MM” version of birthday card which to some people who are not familiar, may regard me as a “freak”.

To the timely gifts and well wishes which I received, a sincere “thank you” from the bottom of my heart. I promised that for the next decade, I will behave properly, be good and be nice 😱


2nd July 2009

Belated Happy Birthday!! Open your arms wide to welcome the UNCLE HOOD ba..
6th July 2009

Don't be snub. You turn will come in due course. Should I start addressing you Auntie? :P

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