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Asia » Singapore » Chinatown January 9th 2023

After breakfast on January 4th we got a Grab to the bus station for our overland journey to Singapore. We travelled through the green lush countryside to the border. The cheap alcohol I bought in Langkawi for my cocktail making was getting more expensive as I had to pay customs duty 😉 We finished the journey in the north of Singapore and got a taxi to our hotel,The Scarlet in Chinatown. Perfectly located with a handy indoor food market near the end of the road as well as Maxwell MRT station.Chinese New Year is celebrated on January 22nd this year so the shops are busy and the streets are being decorated in preparation for the year of the rabbit. We were given a corner room which didn’t have windows as the street is on a hill ... read more
Comfy bus
Christmas decorations on the hotel arches

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown December 16th 2018

Well Singapore has been on the list for some time, I mean its a kids paradise when you start researching 'things to do with kids'. Only problem is that the accommodation is expensive, attractions cost an arm and a leg and to eat in a nice restaurant I would have to sell my first born! So we decided to a) only go for a short time and pack a lot in and b) save money where we could - hence the kids first foray into backpacking accommodation and meals in nearby Hawkers Centres (food is best there anyway!) Our journey to reach Singapore was epic. A 5 hour car ride to the airport, a midnight flight with Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur, a small delay at KLIA2 and a lunch time flight to Singapore.... overall we ... read more
Chopsticks at the Hawker Centre
Universal studios

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown August 24th 2018

After a good lounge breakfast, I made my way to the bus stop across from my hotel, ready to head down to Chinatown. While waiting at the bench, I heard three loud cracks of thunder. Awesome. And I was smart by sitting on the bottom level of the open top bus- a few minutes after boarding, a few women came running down. Loved it! Good start to the day. The bus let me off right across from the Smith Street Food Center of Chinatown. It was still early at this time, around 11am, so most of the stalls / restaurants were just getting started. I walked down the street to see if anything looked particularly interesting, but in the end, I wound up in the restaurant of a girl who was forward, but friendly. It was ... read more
Chinatown - architecture is beautiful
Singapore zoo

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown August 14th 2018

I didn't manage to get out particularly quickly and got out of the accommodation, after having had the included breakfast, around 10. I hadn't decided what to do yet for the day, and decided that it was too late by then to go to the zoo or bird park because I'd want to get to those two early, so headed out towards the SEA Aquarium. I've got six full days in Singapore which will be plenty of time so I don't need to rush constantly. In terms of the accommodation in the pods GalaxyPods, they don't feel coffin-like at all because they've got lights and a mirror and air circulation and they're white. The room with the pods is a really high-density dorm, but it works far better than a traditional dorm at such high density ... read more
Moray Eel
Reef Manta Ray

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown May 7th 2018

Woolly says – I woke to bright blue skies without a cloud in sight, having lost an hour on yesterday’s journey, I had checked everywhere in the room and suggested that we spent the day looking for it, Jo just laughed and told me that it was gone, and we had to manage without it, I felt lost without that extra hour in bed! The streets of Singapore where quiet, exceptionally clean and the whole place felt very bright, immense skyscrapers rose above my head as we disappeared into the depths of the metro system. Singapore or as it’s officially known, the Republic of Singapore, is a sovereign city state and island country in Southeast Asia. Stamford Raffles founded colonial Singapore in 1819 as a trading post for the British East India Company and the island ... read more
Baba House.... all we got to see
Quite a building

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown January 17th 2018

Today's plan was to use the hop on / hop off buses to get us round to where we wanted to go. We went to the bus stop as directed by the hotel only to find that it was the yellow route where we wanted the red route, which means we had to walk to another bus stop. The C.O. Is flawed. She cannot read a map. However she thinks she can. We had a free and frank exchange of views but I insisted that we went to where I said in order to catch the bus to Chinatown. We found out the correct stop, bought tickets and journeyed to Chinatown which was our planned destination. I tried to remain impartial and keep the smugness off my face. I am not sure I achieved this as, ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown January 6th 2018

Leaving at 1:15 am made for a long day leading up to the flight. Reubs and Caitlin both buzzing and by midnight just slightly annoying. Better than whinging so no complaint made by dad. Departure formalities a breeze. Interesting part was when Customs pulled Reub's day pack off the conveyor belt for inspection. Turned out the machine gets a bit suspect on day packs that are too 'light'. The boys day pack consisted of a GoPro, charger, cell phone and his headphones. All the vitals for the teenage traveller in 2018. Silly us with first aid kits and other such nonsense. Despite concerns about the storm coming in we got out without delay or issue. Apparently I am now told its important to know something about the plane your travelling on. I did not know this. ... read more
Team photo...
Miss Photogenic...
The Gardens...

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown January 4th 2018

Firstly dear readers, I should start by way of a small apology. This second blog entry should have been posted some hours ago, but a combination of losing a whole raft of text just as I was about to 'push the button' and then finding that there was an annoying problem uploading my photos, culminated in what will be forever known, in the annals of Kilby holidaying experiences as, the Totally Traumatic Travel-blogging Temper Tantrum!! But, fear not me hearties, normal service has been resumed and I am proud to introduce Episode Two of The Great Kilboran Antipodean Adventure...........'The Road to Singapore'. So, here it is; the big day has arrived! Thursday 4th January 2018; Christmas and New Year are now a distant, but happy memory and tearful farewells have been said to nearest and dearest. ... read more
The Kilborans
The Gate

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown September 8th 2017

Yesterday we made the most of every minute ? Left the hotel at 10am - returned at 8pm - in bed by 9pm and slept till 830 am - all of us!!! It was a typical Singapore day - 35+ humidity and it didn't take long for the girls to complain- in fact they never stopped complaining- oh wait maybe for the 10 minutes the ice cream lasted .... anyway - I was on a mission - I wanted to see the gardens and no amount of heat, sweat or tears was going to change my mind. I was not disappointed and I could have comfortably stayed there all day. The Orchard garden was something out of heaven - I'm sure the Garden of Eden must have been something close- it was just beautiful. We then ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown July 12th 2017

Our gateway to South East Asia was the beautiful modern and cosmopolitan city of Singapore. One of the highlights for us was the amazing lights show at the Gardens by the Bay! Unfortunately a backpacker budget doesn't quite stretch to the Marina Bay Sands 5 star hotel (despite Mau's protestations) but we did manage to make it to the rooftop bar on the 57th floor where we enjoyed some Singapore Sling cocktails. We were both taken aback by the grandeur of the city. And also the expense! However we were pleasantly surprised by its character and really enjoyed strolling through the charming neighbourhoods in Little India and Chinatown. It's a city we would definitely come back to given the opportunity. Ideally having won the lotto first. ... read more
Marina Bay Sands
A view of Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay with Marina Bay Sands Hotel

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