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July 15th 2011
Published: July 15th 2011
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Just a fairly quick update to let everyone know how the trip went and that I'm here safely!

After saying goodbye to Mum and Ashleigh I walked to the gate (40...the other end of the terminal!) to find the queue to actually enter the gate was massive! I was one of the last in the queue and they'd already started boarding the flight. I noticed the people in front had been given an upgrade to business class and started thinking to myself how good it would be if they were that kind to me as well!

So instead of saying, "you've been upgraded, Sir" she just said, "Can you come over here with me please, Sir" so was slightly worried I'd done something wrong! Anyway, she did finally tell me I'd been upgraded.

Was totally lost when I sat down with all the gadgets and the way the seats worked but figured it out more or less after take-off. Happened to meet a really nice (millionaire) English businessman who was opposite me and who has had a lot of experience in Singapore and put my nerves to rest a little!

After speaking to him for nearly two hours or something I basically slept until breakfast, really taking advantage of the BED! Wow, was really weird but also amazing to actually lie flat on a plane and be able to get some sleep. That said, still pretty tired as I write this and it's only 15:10 in the UK.

Anyway, went from the airport to the Razer office. Humidity outside where I caught the taxi hit me like I expected it would! The taxi driver kindly helped me with my bags upstairs at the office and I met Cyril (the HR Director), Ray (the guy in Marketing I'm staying with for a month) and Angeline who is also in the HR department. Anyway, after some very tempting opportunities to have a cigarette I was given the tour of the office! Loads of people still there working just before 6pm, everyone wearing their black and green Razer shirts. Anyway, looks like a decent office with plenty of space at what will eventually be my desk...I think!

After the tour Ray and I caught a cab back to his apartment where I'll be staying for a month. I took a shower then we went to get some food at one of the nearby food courts. We paid about $4 for some chicken, rice and a can of ice tea so that's pretty good!

Right now have set up my laptop in Ray's study (gaming) room and we'll head into down-town Singapore tomorrow just for a bit of a tour and for me to open a bank account as well.

That's it for now anyway, pretty tired still even though I managed to actually sleep on the plane! Will be in touch with you all soon!

P.S. The location on the blog isn't my actual location, couldn't find mine listed here and it sounds the same...ish!


15th July 2011

Glad you made it and sounds like you're having a good time already! I think the food over there is definitely going to a be a positive...and cheap too by the sounds of it. I'm glad you have someone to show you round too. Hope you settle in ok and remember DO NOT SMOKE!!!! You've done so well this far and you need to keep up your good work. Love from your sister!! xx
15th July 2011

Hey dude, nice update, glad you got there okay. Did you ask the busssiness man if he wanted to sponsor reason? :)

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