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July 8th 2011
Published: July 8th 2011
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Off to Singapore!

So, this is the route!

Church Green, WitneyChurch Green, WitneyChurch Green, Witney

Goodbye, Witney!
My name's Andrew, I'm 23 years old, and I'm about to move nearly 7,000 miles across the world to live and work in Singapore, Southeast Asia. This blog, and following blogs, maps, photos and reviews, will be the diary of my journey there and beyond. I hope that in doing this blog I'll be able to let friends and family alike know the highs and lows of my journey to come. I'll try not to make it too philosophical etc! So, here goes...

I'm excited, apprehensive and enthusiastic to start my new job. A job which is something I've only really dreamt of doing. Getting paid to do what you love, I'm told, is one of those rare things in life you should seize with both hands. And so I shall!

This time last year I was hired to work on a cruise ship called the Aegean Odyssey as Shore Excursions staff. It's pretty crazy to think that it was a year ago now that I was sailing around the Mediterranean seeing so many fantastic sites and that a year later down the road would see me moving to Singapore to work for Razer, one of the world's biggest and fastest growing gaming software companies.

Working on the ship, while only for a short period, has given me so many experiences to draw from - not least learning how to live a life abroad from home and the place I was raised. It also reaffirmed my love of travel and the desire to see other countries and cultures across the world. While only in Europe on the ship, I've been fortunate enough to visit dozens of countries around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Thailand, Hungary, Dubai, Bahrain, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and the United States to name just a few.

The last few days have moved incredibly fast with my Employment Pass coming through quicker than expected and my apartment becoming available, with great thanks, I must say, to Razer and its HR Director in Singapore there. They've done a fantastic job and have made me feel incredibly comfortable about moving out there already.

Singapore is a place I've heard mixed things about, but mostly good things! Being the financial capital of Asia, the place is a cosmopolitan one with good amounts of normality, as far as a westerner there is concerned with what I'm told is a pretty big British community out there as well. Skyscrapers, parks, beaches, an incredibly good public transport system and very friendly people. I must say, there are worse places in the world to emigrate to!

Right now the next week or so is about packing my stuff up - and particularly my room - to get ready for my flight which is probably going to be the 14th July (Thursday) evening.

For those who didn't already catch the information, I'm going to be staying in a flat temporarily with another employee from Razer for a month until my other apartment becomes available on the 14th August. Funnily enough, the employee I'll be staying with until then only lives four floors above my future apartment! :P

So, exciting and nervous times but looking forward to it all nonetheless! I'll be in touch with everyone, and hope you've enjoyed reading Part I.



14th July 2011

Safe travels!
Exciting day! I trust your journey to Singapore will be smooth and exciting. Good luck! :)

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