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August 10th 2019
Published: August 10th 2019
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Just like most travellers who has limited resources, we need to take some time off and make income to support my life and my desires.

Whenever I am not travelling, I am either on my room facing my laptop doing some work or casually looking at my social media accounts. My work is pretty amazing and simple. I work as an advanced VA of a UK based company and the salary isn't that bad for a work that requires only 30 hours per week and the working hours are flexible, which means I can work 8 hours on Monday and not gonna work on Tuesday and Wednesday and gonna start working again on Thursday for 8 hours and then the remaining hours of my work are to be spend on Friday.

This kind of arrangement is kind of rare and I really am happy with this kind of arrangement and work since I get to spend some time relaxing and doing much more on spending time with my loved ones.

My boss loves to travel as well thus she understands whenever I asked for a week off. My work doesn't always require a sense of emergence which means that I can delay them until next week thus my boss can't really say no to me whenever I ask for a leave. Not to mention that I have been working with her for almost 4 years already as a VA at first then I was promoted to be the advanced VA. So yeah, just like some average travellers, I do work whenever I am not travelling.

For those who loves to travel but doesn't have the courage to do so or doesn't have the resources, you should first start looking for a job that doesn't require you to work all day long and have a minimum salary wage. Always keep in mind that your health isn't worth $2 per hour and requires you to work for 8 hours a day. You should look for other jobs that prioritizes their employees health.

Thanks for reading this short blog of mine, I hope you learned something from this and I hope you can do whatever your heart beats for. If it beats whenever you see beautiful views and attractions, you need to travel more and have your heart feel contempt.


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