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Asia » Philippines » Bohol October 12th 2019

For every traveler that wants to visit the Central Visayas region of the Philippines should at least visit Bohol if they are in the mission to look for adventure and fun experience. Bohol would be a perfect candidate for those who seeks for adventure, fun experience, historical and cultural lessons and relaxation. Bohol is located in Central Visayas and it is the neighboring island of the 2nd largest plane hub in Philippines which is Cebu City. The Bohol island has 4,820 square kilometers of land area and it has a lot of tourist attractions ranging from beaches, islands, mountains, hills, historical sites, ruins and many more that made Bohol remains an option to visit. You should at least spend a day in Bohol if you want to experience it for yourself the beauty and the wonders ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Iloilo September 29th 2019

It’s been a long time that I was not able to post any of my travel in this blog. Having this blog helps me remember things that memory may fails us. My travel to some parts in Iloilo was due to new job location. I started my job in a construction company last July 11, 2017. Iloilo has a well-managed transportation system compared to other cities in the Philippines except that number of public vehicles were not enough to accommodate passengers in some routes. Picking some leaves of oregano and smell it are some of my daily routine in going to the office. Iloilo is known for its old churches and Sta. Monica Parish Church in Pavia is the church I visit always during Sunday. There are other wonderful churches such as Miag-ao Church, Jaro Church ... read more
cloud capture
Iloilo River
riverside walk

Asia » Philippines September 14th 2019

Some of you might have already know about the country that is located in the South East Asia and some of you must have tried visiting the place already, but I think that's just it. You should know some of the facts about Philippines, some of them are pretty interesting as well. So head down and read these 38 facts about Philippines. 38 Philippine Facts Santelmo, or Santo Elmo, is a fireball seen by dozens of Filipinos, especially those who live in the Sierra Madre Mountains. It was scientifically explained as electrical fields that have diverged from the power lin... read more
barong Tagalog

Asia » Philippines » Cebu August 31st 2019

I was born and raised in Cebu City and for my entire 26 years living in the City, I have never been able to visit all the places since I am not really a big fan of the local attractions. But this was until I made a decision to try a City tour together with my college friends. Me and college friends went together to experience some of the local attractions and destinations there is in the City. Although it was my first time trying this kind of tour, I am not completely ignorant about the places that are famous or on a trend in the City since I could see them being talked about in the social networking sites. Before we start with the places that we have visited, I just wanna say that if ... read more

Asia » Philippines August 10th 2019

Just like most travellers who has limited resources, we need to take some time off and make income to support my life and my desires. Whenever I am not travelling, I am either on my room facing my laptop doing some work or casually looking at my social media accounts. My work is pretty amazing and simple. I work as an advanced VA of a UK based company and the salary isn't that bad for a work that requires only 30 hours per week and the working hours are flexible, which means I can work 8 hours on Monday and not gonna work on Tuesday and Wednesday and gonna start working again on Thursday for 8 hours and then the remaining hours of my work are to be spend on Friday. This kind of arrangement is ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental July 28th 2019

Been awhile that I made a blog. A bit occupied with work and sports lately but because of my 21st Century Literature class, Curriculum Guide EN12Lit-Id-25, I decided to find time to write again. Not only because of that, I want to share something also about this little town of big shot experience. It is 38 kilometers north-west of Dumaguete City and 61 kilometers south-west of Bayawan City as to mapping Negros Oriental Island. This town is neighboring City of Tanjay. Obviously, the town is rich of green vegetation and agriculture is its main economic source. Traveling in the mountain part of this little town from Bayawan City especially very early morning and late afternoon is a foggy-chilly experience. Zero visibility will make you slow down while enjoying that fresh-burst-misty-cool wind coming from the green environment. ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Bohol July 20th 2019

This is a blog about my trip to Bohol last November 2018 and I just want to share this in here to let others know that there's a magical place in Philippines as well that you can visit for a very cheap price. Traveling to the Central Visayas region of the Philippines would be perfect for your summer vacation. Aside from the ever-famous travel spots in Cebu City, you could also try visiting some of the world class travel destinations and attractions in Bohol. Quick tip, Bohol is known for its Chocolate Hills and the Tarsiers, but that’s not all, actually, there’s a lot more things to do in Bohol aside from those mainstream attractions. You could also try these as well in Bohol; dolphin watching, kite surfing, paddle boarding, island hopping, and visiting historical sites ... read more
Bamboo Hanging Bridge 1
Bamboo Hanging Bridge
Blood Compact Monument

Asia » Philippines » Manila July 18th 2019

Day 9 Final day We slept in again (until 8.30) and casually got ready. I wanted another Avocado Espresso and there was a stand at the Air Asia mall that had them so we walked over and were dissapointed to find that they didn't have any avocados and couldn't make what they are advertising. We needed breakfast and I wanted Filipino style for our last day. I ordered Sisig, which is a pork dish.. it also had onions and I had forgotten to ask (i have an intolerance) so I couldn't eat it. So I ate the sides of egg and rice. We checked out the amusement park next to the mall that overlooked Manila Bay before getting a Grab to Las Intramurous. This was the old Spanish city, a fortress of sorts with high walls ... read more
Singing in the rain
Intramurous Fort Santiago
The vertebra of Jose Rizal

Asia » Philippines » Manila July 17th 2019

Day 8 We slept in.. well until 8.30am. The Air BnB didn't offer breakfast as we were used to in hotels and resorts but as we craved plainish food we were happy to find a diner offering french toast. We thought we would make the most of the warmer weather and chill by the pool. As a guest, we had to pay to use the pool. It cost us $5AUD each but it was worth it to just lounge around and soak up the warm weather. Kym played his uke and I read and it was nice to do nothing. Deciding that our adventure would be the Ocean Marine Park we grabbed a Grab and spent the afternoon wandering around the park. A sealion show, creepy crawly exhibit and of course plenty of tanks with an ... read more
Sealion show
White tip reef shark
Reef sharks

Asia » Philippines » Manila July 15th 2019

We were up at 530am for out boat to take us to the mainland and airport transfer. The resort had packed us a sandwich for breakfast. The airport was a 45 minute drive and it was tiny. Busuanga airport is a regional airport with smaller planes. A 45 minute ride and we were in Manila once again. Coming into the Manila the smog covered the city like a blanket and there wasn't much of a view. Our Air BnB was 15 minutes from the airport, a 5 minute walk to the Philippines largest mall, the Mall of Asia and 10 minute walk to the Bay. The residences we stayed at were comprised of four 16 story buildings with 2 large pools in the centre of them. These type of residences were everywhere. Our room overlooked the ... read more
Filipino Spaghetti
Mall of Asia
Mall of Asia

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