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Asia » Philippines » Luzon June 11th 2019

The title is the story of our Philippines trip. Juxtapositions of loveliness and horribleness. We were in the country to visit Magdalena’s sister who lives in Manila and I somehow managed to convince them that we ought to visit places that I hadn’t visited on my last trip to the Philippines. Example 1: Under the sea off of Sabang vs Sabang the place We went to Puerto Galera only for the diving. Magdalena and Agnieszka wanted to learn to dive and I would do the Rescue course at the same time. Sabang itself is quite nasty. The “beach” is mostly chunks of concrete, the restaurants spill onto it with pipes emptying unknown liquids into the sea, behind this are narrow smelly alleyways, and the bars are inhabited by aging overweight white men each with their own ... read more
Maligcong Rice Terraces
Hanging coffins, Sagada
Taal Volcano crater

Asia » Philippines » Luzon June 6th 2019

Jeepney You can find these colorful graffiti-splashed Jeepneys in every town and city! It’s a form of local public transportation. Jeepney is something like a small minibus mixed with a Jeep. Believe it or not, an incredible amount of people can squeeze in one Jeepney. Or not just IN, even on the roof! There are no paper tickets. You simply pass the money to the passenger next to you and he or she passes it again and again until money reaches the driver. If you don’t have an exact amount, the driver passes you your change the same way back. The journey within 5 km will cost you 0,15 $. Tricycle The whole Luzon island in Northern Philippines is full of Tricycles everywhere. Tricycle or so-called “trike” is the most common transportation in the northern Philippines. ... read more
Water Bufalo

Asia » Philippines June 5th 2019

Traveling as a backpacker and without specific plans is great because you can meet a lot of amazing people. For example, we have met one wonderful family. We were sitting in the park, planning another trip and suddenly many people came to us and they started asking – where we are from, what do we do here and lots of other questions. Everyone was very curious! We found out that they are one big family (over 20 people in total). Later on, they started to take pictures of us. Then they wanted to take pictures with us and it all ended up with huge group photos of absolutely everyone. Well, we were really a great attraction for them. We felt like celebrities, we were sitting in front of everybody and they asked us many questions. Several ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Coron June 1st 2019

We touched down in 45 minutes from Manila to Coron in a tiny plane, seating no more than 60 people! Coron is one of the islands that make up the Calamanian group. After a 20-minute winding ride through the rolling lush green landscape, we arrived at Acacia Garden situated in the town of Coron. As we chucked our backpacks down for lunch, the sky turned grey, and a powerful thunderstorm passed through, bringing enormous amounts of rain and heavy winds. Once the storm had passed, we hitched down a tricycle and rode into town for a mere 15p per person! This was our first experience of Coron town, which is vibrant with colours, people, smells and in every direction there is something to look at! We manoeuvred our way through the crazy traffic, over unstable drains ... read more
Coconut Time!
Coron Town
Barracuda Lake

Asia » Philippines » Mindanao » Davao May 1st 2019

Southern Mindanao, Philippines. For once, I'm just going to try writing from my memory, as the memory is strong. I conceived of this trip 3 or 4 years ago, I always tend to seek out places not many travelers go. My reasoning is simple: I'll find more authentic culture, be able to interact with locals more, see things not completely changed by the dynamics of widespread tourism. There aren't many places on the planet like that, I keep managing to find a few though. Sometimes they are spots that have had some trouble in the past, sometimes they are just out of the way in a country that has better known locations. I don't delude myself into thinking I'm the first one to get there or that local people don't want my tourist dollar. On the ... read more

Asia » Philippines April 29th 2019

I haven't written anything in a while. Since my last entry about Spain I've been to Italy, France, Belgium, Singapore, UAE, Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Indonesia, and I've also been traveling a lot in the Philippines lately. I've been incredibly busy lately and haven't found time and energy to write. But today I found myself looking at properties in Dumaguete after my recent trip there. It's a coastal city in the island of Negros in central Philippines. I've been born and raised in Manila and I thought I wouldn't exchange it for any other city in the Philippines because it has the most vibrant art scene. You can't find theater, symphony, ballet, international touring casts of wold famous musicals, and other music acts in any other place outside of Metro Manila. I've traveled to many ... read more
Casaroro Falls
Jumping into Katibawasan Falls
Clown fish in Siquijor

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City April 1st 2019

Generally, I need to get away every two months to keep my sanity, especially when I get really busy. So, my friend's wedding in the Philippines was the perfect opportunity. Joselet and I used to be office mates when I first worked in Dubai, and her twin, Joevet, also worked in our company. They were two of my first friends in Dubai and showed me around often. We've kept in contact over the years, even though Joselet moved on to another company. And now - she was getting married! Despite a huge report deadline, and many other things hanging over my head, I still kept to my trip. A much needed trip. I worked in the business class lounge until 1:30 in the morning reviewing reports. Fortunately, when I made my way to the gate, as ... read more
Dubai girls!
Pool at the hotel
Me and the twins

Asia » Philippines March 21st 2019

Tato krajina asi nikdy nesklame. Pekne scenerie, filipinky, lacny alkohol, priatelsky ludia. Nuz ale bohuzial cely moj pobyt bol ovplyvneni zbytocnin zranenim (oskretie nohy), ktore prepuklo az do infekcie. Takze som si tuto krajinu nemohol vychutnat naplno. Treky nesklamali, potapanie bolo ok ale ak porovnam sluzby s indoneziou tak horsia kvalita. Cs som mal dve, obe uplne genialne. Prakticky som neminul ani cent, starali sa o mna ako o krala. Zrejme by bol byval aj bonus ale neboli moj tip. Mindanao v pohode, ziadne naznaky terorizmu som tam nevidel (teda az na jeden pohreb). Pred kazdym vacsim mestom vojenske kontroly ale pohodicka. Prekvapili lety, ani jeden nemeskal, skor naopak, vzdy startovali skorej. Na mindanao a cagiyan island sa isto niekedy vratim. Prve kvoli mt.apo co sa mi nepodarilo a super cs a druhe tiez kvoli jednemu ... read more

Asia » Philippines March 17th 2019

Montag, 11.03.19 Nach dem Frühstück fuhren mich Maricel und ihr Mann Jokjok zum Leonard-See. Ich lief einen kurzen Weg dem Ufer entlang und machte ein paar Fotos. Dann fuhren wir noch zu einem Aussichtspunkt, von wo aus man den Kratersee von oben sehen konnte. Danach fuhren wir Richtung Tagum. Auf dem Weg kamen wir in Mainit vorbei, wo es heisse Quellen gibt. Das war wirklich ein schöner Ort und ich hätte gerne ein heisses Bad genommen, aber leider hatten die Beiden keine Zeit und ich wollte nicht riskieren, dass ich nachher wieder lange Transport suchen musste. Immerhin gab es ein paar Fotos und ein Fussbad. Als wir in Tagum ankamen, wäre es nur noch etwa drei Kilometer bis zur Hauptstrasse gewesen, doch Jokjok meinte, ich solle doch mit ihnen zuerst nach Maco kommen und danach würde ... read more
New Leyte
zwischen New Leyte und Mainit

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Lapu-Lapu City March 12th 2019

V ubytku behnutie nad recepciu kde stoliky, kuknuty net a navrat na izbu. Tu problem, karta na dvere mi uz nefungovala, tak nazad na recepciiu nech mi ju zas odblokuju. Z izby mimo mydla beriem aj toaletak. Na ranajky v hrncovni ako vcera. Po jedle este kupa kolacikov na letisko a pesibus smer mini letisko. Vonku dobru hyc, nabuduce radsej zobrat motorolu za 10p nech sa drbat 20min po slnku. Letisko skutocne miniaturne. Prva kontrola letenky, ok, dalej rontgen. Za nim hned natlacene dva check iny a hned dalsia kontrola ku gate. Vsetko od seba vzdialene max 3m. Pred gatom klima na plno a dost ludi. V priebehu 45min odlietali dva lety do cebu. Jedno s philiphines airlines a druhe moje cebu pacific. Bolo zaujimave sledovat prvy let. Lietadlo vrtulove. Obsluha dala najskor signal na start ... read more

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