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Asia » Philippines » Visayas » Negros Occidental October 29th 2020

Kis-a lang man ako nagapanglugayawon. Gusto ko lang mabal-an ninyo nga ang akon kabuhi puno sang pagpanglakaton. Sa nadumduman ko, ang una ko gid nga pagbyahe, Hunyo 30, 1991. Amat-amat nga nagakadula sa akon paghaklo ang matam-is nga huyop sang hangin. Aga-aga ato. Halin kami sa Binalbagan, Negros Occidental kag mapuli sa Banga, Aklan kay ang akon nga amay tumandok kabay nga Aklanon. Duha lang anay kami ang nagpuli kag maapas lang sa dasun-bulan ang akon iloy kag duha ka manghod. Madugayan gid siguro antis ko makita liwat ang naga-aso nga simburyo. Pat-od gid nga madugay naman nga tyempo antis ko mabati-an ang mga tinaga nga Ilonggo. Mabudlay magbyahe sa una nga kahigayunan. Nagsakay kami sa bus kag barko, tapos bus liwat. Mga anum ka oras gid. Galilingin ang akon ulo. Daw masuka ako. Ginadagat. Huo, ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete April 4th 2020

Today I am in The Philippines. I have been here for two months. I started a Youtube Channel 4 years ago and I have posted over 300 videos there over the last 4 years. Feel free to visit my Youtube Channel and see what I am up to. Here is the channel: If you subscribe to my channel you will know when I post new videos. The channel teaches people how to live or retire cheap internationally for less than it costs to stay home. I am still traveling the world more than 11 months of each year. I am still taking pictures but I am also taking video now. I am keeping this blog up for now since it gives context to my newer viewers. I have been doing less consulting work over the ... read more
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Asia » Philippines » Palawan March 2nd 2020

. As per our previous 2 'blog' entries, we are currently in the Philippines on the island of Palawan (which is SSW of the island of Luzon on which Manila is located). In the 2 previous 'blogs', we wrote of our current journey in Japan (skiing), and the first week in the Philippines; (Manila, Basuanga , diving on coral reefs, and our travel from Coron to El Nido with Tao Expeditions ). This 'blog' describes our journey in El Nido, the bus ride from El Nido to (island capital) Puerto Princesa, and our stay in the capital. From Puerto Princesa we depart via Manila and Singapore to home. . DAY 1 . . The previous afternoon we had departed the Tao 'base camp' near Dipnay (local name - San Fernando the government name) at the very ... read more
El Nido tricycle
Main street, El Nido
Bacuit Bay

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Anilao February 27th 2020

Dive photographers are something of a rare breed. As you’ll discover if you ever give it a go yourself, it takes a certain degree of perverse perseverance. And in our modern world of instant gratification, perseverance is something of a dying trait. Truth is, once upon a time all photography was this hard. Back when it all began you forked out a fortune for all manner of unwieldy equipment with which to practice your art: cameras, tripods, film, flashlights, developers & darkrooms. All this to create hazy sepia images of wealthy repressed side-burned gentlemen who all looked like they'd previously placed some unwieldy equipment of their own up their nether regions. It seemed to take an age for folk to discover that foreign objects were not strictly de rigueur, and that photos looked much better if ... read more
Yellow Lionfish
Nighttime Squid
Flamboyant Cuttlefish

Asia » Philippines » Palawan February 24th 2020

We 'did' the snow part in Japan, and now it is the swim and snorkel part - in the Philippines. We arrived in Manila (Philippines) to darkness after a 5 hour flight from Narita in Japan. After the cold of Suginohara, the low teens of Narita allowed us to dress lightly so we weren't overdressed for the low 30's of Manila. We took a Grab (like Uber) to our apartment and the journey revealed much about the inequality of society in Manila. Folk in very expensive cars had no time for the many beggars seeking whatever to survive the day. At our apartment we were met with 3 heavily armed security guards. Before we could register at the accommodation, we had to pass the 'temperature test' and explain where we had visited over the past month. ... read more
Intramuros, Manila
Philippine coastal scene
Island beach

Asia » Philippines February 16th 2020

When I was younger dreamed about moving abroad. I thought I had everything to gain and not much to lose if I leave. The first time I went to Canada I actually got depressed because I saw how much I missed and lacked growing up in a developing country. Now though, after having seen different parts of the world, some rich and some much poorer than the Philippines, I've come to realize that I am lucky to be where I am. Being in a tropical country allows me to enjoy the outdoors any time of the year, except when there's a tropical storm. We have some of the best coral reefs in the world that I enjoy diving in. Though I am far from being rich, I've achieved enough success in my career that allows me ... read more
Barracuda Lake
Camiguin with my best buds
Friendship goals!

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Port Barton January 23rd 2020

We ended a full year of travelling with a fun holiday with friends in the Philippines. We were already in Puerto Princesa where Riemke and Mariska were able to fly to despite another typhoon landing in the country disrupting some flights. It was great to see the girls and continue where we left the year before catching up and drinking cold beers then in South India now in the Philippines. Together we travel with a shared van to Port Barton, an amazing, relaxed, beautiful, still not too busy nor touristy, beach town on Palawan island. Here we meet with Joyce, Maarten and their 1,5 year old son Duuk and with the whole bunch we spend a few days and nights touring islands, snorkelling, lazying on the beach, and partying the year away into 2020 at NYE ... read more
Port Barton
Port Barton
Port Barton

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa December 26th 2019

We spent exactly the 60 days in Indonesia that our visa allowed us, yet still we feel we have only scratched the surface of this huge country and we could have stayed and travelled to so many other islands for at least another few months. So we will just have to come back sometime. After spending a wonderful short week at Bunaken island where the diving and snorkelling were great, we hopped on a short flight from Manado across the Celebes Sea to Davao City in Mindanao, Philippines, because this was the closest country we could get to and we had planned to spend Christmas and New Year at the Philippines anyway. Philippines is again a huge country with more than 7000 islands and we hope to visit at least a few of the best ones. ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Bohol October 12th 2019

For every traveler that wants to visit the Central Visayas region of the Philippines should at least visit Bohol if they are in the mission to look for adventure and fun experience. Bohol would be a perfect candidate for those who seeks for adventure, fun experience, historical and cultural lessons and relaxation. Bohol is located in Central Visayas and it is the neighboring island of the 2nd largest plane hub in Philippines which is Cebu City. The Bohol island has 4,820 square kilometers of land area and it has a lot of tourist attractions ranging from beaches, islands, mountains, hills, historical sites, ruins and many more that made Bohol remains an option to visit. You should at least spend a day in Bohol if you want to experience it for yourself the beauty and the wonders ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Iloilo September 29th 2019

It’s been a long time that I was not able to post any of my travel in this blog. Having this blog helps me remember things that memory may fails us. My travel to some parts in Iloilo was due to new job location. I started my job in a construction company last July 11, 2017. Iloilo has a well-managed transportation system compared to other cities in the Philippines except that number of public vehicles were not enough to accommodate passengers in some routes. Picking some leaves of oregano and smell it are some of my daily routine in going to the office. Iloilo is known for its old churches and Sta. Monica Parish Church in Pavia is the church I visit always during Sunday. There are other wonderful churches such as Miag-ao Church, Jaro Church ... read more
cloud capture
Iloilo River
riverside walk

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