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November 16th 2009
Published: December 7th 2009
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Dive Stops

First time in Barrio Barreto First time in Barrio Barreto First time in Barrio Barreto

This place is full of heathens.

Looking around for a legitimate dive shop, I am quite concerned about getting Jeremy "safe" gear. I mean, I have my own, I'll be okay, but every shop I go into treats me like a child and Jeremy lets me do the talking when it comes to diving. Anyway, I keep getting annoyed, so we go down to have some lunch in the Barrio. It's not too crazy during the day and Blue Rock is a pretty nice spot. In essence, it doesn't have as many hookers and the food is good, though the beach hawkers are just as annoying as the guys outside the pier gate. We see a dive flag. Jeremy had googled diving and Blue Rock had been a listing, so we walk over to check it out. We talk to the Korean dive instructor, Brandon, and I'm in. He's nice, respectful, knowledgeable and funny. Perfect. We book a dive day and I'm stoked. I'll see you guys in a couple of days.

So, two days later, they drive the boat over near the ship to pick us up. What a cool boat! It's one of the local boats, made

Trying to still learn everything about my camera.
out of wood... I had been worried at first glance, but talk about watertight and fast! They are called bankas. It's all bamboo, twine and spit. It's amazing that they float. 😊

I haven't downloaded the underwater photos yet, but these will do for now. Blue Rock does have amazing food, there is nothing expensive about the Philippines. Two tank dive = $60, Post Dive Dinner = $8, Great Company and Good Diving in Subic Bay (without dying from bad equipment) = Priceless

I recommend these guys...

We dove the USS NEW YORK (CA-2) and SAN QUINTAN (an old Spanish galleon).

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Gambling Beach HawkersGambling Beach Hawkers
Gambling Beach Hawkers

I swear, I almost killed some of these guys.
I live for divingI live for diving
I live for diving

Nice shot Jer
Me, Tim and BrandonMe, Tim and Brandon
Me, Tim and Brandon

Checking out my underwater photos.

7th December 2009

Write a book!
Krysten, I swear, you are good at writing this blog. Maybe you should consider keeping really good notes, no one like you has written a book about deploying on a Navy ship. Or if they did, it wasn't very good! Anyway, I'm so happy to see you are having fun, must be lowering your stress level, etc! We missed you at Thanksgiving, so badly that we went to Greenville with Butch and EC and had Thanksgiving with EC's parents. Very nice! Take care, we love you, Capt Ray and Miss Ellie
26th November 2011

we're planning to visit subic. this was helpful. thanks krysten!
24th December 2013

How was the visit?
Glad I could help... how did it go?

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