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April 10th 2006
Published: April 10th 2006
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I met this family on teh Ferry and there daughter took a liking to me:) What a little beauty
This will be really short.

I am now in the Philippines, sunburned and hot, at a beach called Sabang (near Puerto Galera). It scenery is beautiful, the people so friendly and the weather is ideal. It is all wonderful besides the massive sex trade industry this place brings. Everywhere you look there are old, balding, not at all attractive men with these beautiful, tiny, young Philippino women. It's crazy because the town is so small and there are so many. I'm not going to get into it right now though.

I have been on 4 dives, including my first night dive, and the aquatic life here is almost overwelming. The dives all went by so fast, so much t see😊 I don't know half the names but one of the guys was talikng pics and I will get a CD of them and yes they will be on here soon. To list a few I knew- frog fish, lots of eels, crab, octopus (rare to find😊), i dunnoto many to list. Is really expensive here though I'm paying $15/night that's the cheap place. I have a kitchen though and my own bathroom, patio, it's pretty pimp actually.
Sabang BeachSabang BeachSabang Beach

Heading out for a dive
Im leavin here tomorrow I think, it's going to be really busy everywhere this week because of easter so Im hoping to find somewhere melo to chill while the holidays on.

There's a lil update Ill add more when I'm somewhere where the nets a lot cheaper including pics. Bye Bye for now

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This is the main Ferry Port where I had to wait 6 hours to get on the ferry to Romblon Islands



11th April 2006

welcome to the Philippines... hope you enjoy your stay here... ang.tibay
28th April 2006

welcome to asia.
I hear this rant a lot, especially from American women who are used to being over valued. This is Asia! It's OK to be old, and ugly. In Asia they have this crazy idea that even old people who are not attractive should get respect! I know its hard to imagine from the American TV culture you believe in where only attractive and rich people deserve to get a pretty girlfriend.
20th May 2006

That still don't make it right
Okay so you think that these girls (very young girls) that see the only way to make ends meat, by selling themselves to old westerners, really respect and love you. They see the proimise land where they dont have to worry about hunger and clothing anymore, where they can help support there familys. And maybe they can even be content in that kind of relationship. BUT what I'm really talking about is the girls that are paid nightly, pimped out by there brothers and boyfriends. Ya it's Asia but they are still humans and treated like little sex toys for these men, some married, on there little "diving trip." But tell yourself what you like to make yourself feel better, I don't kniow your exact situation, hor do I really care but I had to respond.

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