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April 5th 2006
Published: April 5th 2006
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So my time in South Korea is come to an end and I wanted to just give my overall opinion and some things to think about if you’re thinking about traveling here. First of all there is not a huge foreign tourist scene here in Korea, for the solo backpacker like myself. I found them to have a great transportation system with fairly cheap buses all over the country but once you reached your destination there are not a lot of cheap places to stay, and sometime they are hard to find. Unless of course you are traveling with a companion then it can be quite inexpensive. The people here seem quite rude as well, but you just need to not care it’s just the way they are (city folk), no smiles even though they will stare at you for uncomfortable amounts of time while meeting on the street or sitting on the subway. Also they don’t seem to care much for proper line-up etiquette, is your not nestled right up to the guy in front of you be prepared to have so lady push her way in front of you, this happened to me 90% of the time (what do ya do?). At first it was frustrating but you get used to it pretty quickly. I don’t mean to harp on these people it’s just different; I also met some really nice and helpful people as well.

So if your going to travel here here’s a few things you might want to know….
- bring a sheet, they don’t have them in the rooms (and I’m sure they don’t wash the blankets every time they’re used)
- don’t blow your nose in public, this is very rude even though you can hork a massive luggy in front of Grandma and it’s all right
- get a good travel book, NOT Lonely Planet Korea (no good)
- realize it is not cheap to be here
- try to travel with someone or you may go days not talking to anyone and it’s much cheaper
- come in the late summer of fall, much more beautiful and warm
- try Man-do, so yummy
- if you can’t eat hot food make sure you ask before you order if it’s spicy

Well that’s it for Korea for me; I’ll be heading to the Philippines next!!!! Time for some sunshine and beaches


5th April 2006

I will be a good reader of your travel blog
travelling alone around the country is not easy at all. well, If you make a trip to Korea with some conpanion, It would be a much better expierence. By the way, I am a bit shameful as a Korean as you feel that Korean are relatively rude in public. However, Korea has an unique culture that western people don't know well about. I am sure that you also realize that. I hope you enjoy your next destination, Philippines. I will be with you in this blog while you are travelling around south-east asia. I am also very excited when I picture that you are in tropical area with facinated people. Take more photos and Show us.
5th April 2006

i love you megs and i hope you find some sweet beaches in the phillipines-cant wait to read about it.
5th April 2006

It was an overall good experience:)
Yes I do realize there is a different culture here, it's just they way it is and you accept it. Just a little different, but that's what I travel for, to see the diversity. And don't worry Lee there'll be plenty of pics on the way. And Tessa I miss you too. Cant wait till the next time we're together:)

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