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June 21st 2007
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My LunchMy LunchMy Lunch

At Badjao Seafront Restaurant, Palawan
I have been to Palawan several times and work makes me do so. I have the opportunity to travel around the country because as an IT person I have to do visits to our field offices. However, I do work before pleasure and so sometimes I hardly have time to go around the places I have been but this time because of this travel blog i am finding pleasure in making and finding time to take pictures and share experiences with others.

So after a one and half days work, i decided to go city touring in Palawan. Our first stop was the Crocodile Farm. I have been here before and was able to hold a baby crocodile (it was for free then) now you have to pay a fee (shucks..). Well, these fees will help them in their crocodile farming endeavors. You need to pay a minimal entrance fee for a short tour inside the building, short film showing, crocodile museum and wild life grounds. Inside the building, actually in the lobby, you can see a display of very long crocodile skin and bones of very old crocodile found in Palawan. Then you will be lead to a
View from Mitra FarmView from Mitra FarmView from Mitra Farm

Palawan Islands
short film showing of crocodile farming, then to the museum and then to the nestling place of baby crocodiles then to the adult crocodiles. I believe there are hundreds of baby crocodiles in there.

Our next stop was the Mitra Farm. The house was under renovation and was not able to take pictures of the house but I had the chance to see a spectacular view - view from the Mitra Farm - you can see Dos Palmas Island.

Supposedly our next stop would be Vietnam Village but when I learned that only the restaurant was left, we decided not to go. Boat people from Vietnam settled in that village for quite some time but now have abandoned the place because they were given the chance to go to a better place (hearsay was they all went to US).

Well, we became hungry and we stopped by Baker's Hill. It was a new place with bakeshop, playground, greenhouse and restaurant. Their pianono (local bread with cream filling inside) and brownies taste good. There is a pretty house inside the ground with a man hanging on a rope outside the window which I thought was real but it
Badjao Seafront Restaurant EntranceBadjao Seafront Restaurant EntranceBadjao Seafront Restaurant Entrance

Entrance of the Badjao Seafront where you can see mangroves along the walkway
was only a dummy.

Our last stop was the market where we bought the casoy nuts (roasted, fried, in pastry and candied) which Palawan is famous for...uhhmmm goooood..

When in Puerto Princessa, do stop by Badjao Seafront Restaurant where you can enjoy eating your prawn and fish with a view of the sea, the islands and the mangroves. Also, try Kalui restaurant, you will enjoy the great food (blue marlin steak in butter sauce) while seating down on the floor with no footwear and nice ambience - cool experience.

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Crocodile Skin Part 1Crocodile Skin Part 1
Crocodile Skin Part 1

Skin of the biggest crocodile found in Palawan

Welcome to Baker's Hill in Palawan
Tiny Cakes at Baker's HillTiny Cakes at Baker's Hill
Tiny Cakes at Baker's Hill

For Your Eyes Only ...
Man on a Hanging RopeMan on a Hanging Rope
Man on a Hanging Rope

At Baker's Hill
My PlateMy Plate
My Plate

At Kalui Restaurant

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