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June 14th 2008
Published: June 14th 2008
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Greetings from the Philippines! We are in an internet cafe in a mall. Malling is a huge Filipino pastime, it's pretty funny.

Recently, Noah, Tito Tin, and I spent 3 days on this small island of Lacawon. It was really beautiful and isolated from most everything else. Half the time, we were the only guests to the islands. We walked around it quite a bit and talked to some native children of the island. At night we went crab catching on the beaches, digging crabs out of their holes and chasing them along the shore. During the day we found what we thought were clear jellyfish, and they were EVERYWHERE!! We soon found out that they were called "ice-ice", but later the native children told us they were "mata-mata" (in Alongo) or in English "eyes-eyes". They are these clear pods with little raisin-looking brains inside. They were pretty crazy looking. They were all washing up on shore in the evening so we started tossing them back out to sea to save them, but soon we ended up just having an "eyes-eyes" fight and Noah and I were throwing them at eachother.

Once it was dark, while we were catching crabs, we noticed little GLOWING specs moving around the beach. It was so bizarre. We finally looked closely at them and they were these little clear sea-creatures about the size of a seasame seed that glow bright blue. The last day we were there, we caught a 13" fish or so with our bare hands! They said it was the first time they've seen a guest capture a fish like that. It was really because it was swimming near shore and we splashed it onto the shore. It was quite tasty for lunch.

So after getting sunburned, we are back in Bacolod with Noah's Lola and Tito Tin. Last night we went out with his other family members and Noah got a bit sick and couldn't keep food done. Meanwhile, I have this bad cough making it hard to sleep. These long travels are getting the best of Noah and I, but we only have a few more days on the trip. We are constantly busy doing everything on this trip.

I have still seen almost no other white people here in the Philippines and I am getting so many looks from people. I walk by and hear people shouting from close and far "Hey Joe! Joe!", other people "Joe, I love you". It's pretty funny. Tito Tin is laughing as we're going through the mall hearing people making comments about me in Alongo. I was in this one store a bti ago and the owner said in Alongo "It's okay if you don't buy anything, but please take me home with you". Hahah, I had a good laugh.

Here is a photo album that Tita Cee made of when Noah and I were visiting in Manila. I can't upload my pics right now because we are in a mall. Tita Cee's Photo Album

Tomorrow we leave for Hong Kong, connecting through Manila for lunch with Tito Joey, Tita Cee, and Johann.


15th June 2008

Your 2nd home
Hi Kyle. Noah's mom forwarded to me your travel blog and I am glad she did. I am enjoying my read. I am so happy that you had fun in the Philippines and to have have experienced filipino culture and hospitality. It's i guess, the best trait we filipinos have - to entertain our guests and make them feel at "home". We look forward to your next visit, Joe! hahaha...take care and good luck to your endeavors. Tita Cee

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