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January 18th 2008
Published: January 18th 2008
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Well Back in Manila after almost a year. I keep saying to people that we were here last year... well really it was only the begining of the year in Jan. We are in the same place as last time. It has been nice to conect with old pastors and friends we met from last time. It also have been a good time of new experiences as well. I did alot of working with street kids this time around and it has been a good time !
God Bless you all !

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Christmas in the mallChristmas in the mall
Christmas in the mall

During the holiday season we found it a great opertunity to some short programs in one of the local malls. This is just a pic of all the people who were watching and hearing the Gospel explained to them !
Special in Smokey MountainSpecial in Smokey Mountain
Special in Smokey Mountain

I had the chance to got back to Smokey mountain where we did out I-night last year. We did a program on the side of the street and children from all around came to see the program !
Chirstmas at JolliebeeChirstmas at Jolliebee
Chirstmas at Jolliebee

We as some of you know I had the chance to goto help feed street children on Christmas day. It was quite the event. We had such a good time playing and talking with all the kids who came. For most of them this would have been their only chance to eat out, usually they pick though rubbish to eat. So a memorable expirence for them !!
Children ministryChildren ministry
Children ministry

We also had the chance one sunday to go and world with some other street children. It was also alot of good times. We played with them and did a small program and just had alot of fun !
Deaf Children Deaf Children
Deaf Children

I had the chance to be a clown for a deaf school program. It was very intersting, I felt it very hard to communitcate with them but then relized that its no diffrent then a foriegn language. It was great. I had fun making balloon animals for them and ya it was just a good time !
Christmas Buddys Christmas Buddys
Christmas Buddys

Well this is just a pic of the 4 guys who shared a room back in the day at the GO confernece. We call our selfs the 451 guys because we all stayed in room 451 at the confernece.
Chirstmas dinner...???Chirstmas dinner...???
Chirstmas dinner...???

This is a pic of the time we spent with the children during chirstmas day. We went to Jolliebee ( philipino Mcodnalds wanna be ) and the children were blessed to eat such nice food !!
Clowning around ?Clowning around ?
Clowning around ?

This is me and my makeup !. I never did the clown thing before but I though that it would be a good thing to do before I come home. It was alot of fun anyways !

16th April 2008

Hey Ben Baird i saw ur a lot of picture and i missed u...
im so sad when u came back here in philippines because we cant see each other???? its so sad....??? the picture are so veryy happy??? i hope you will enjoy together with pilipinos....

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