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February 21st 2008
Published: February 21st 2008
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This is a very nice pic of our ship at the berth in Lae. It was an intersting berth because it was quite small and short.
Wow. What can I say. After nine days of sailing from the Philippines we arrived at our first port in the counrty of PNG. It is amazing. We arrived in the port of Lae which is the second largest city in the country with about 120 thousand people. As time has gone on here in the port I found that so many people are very friendly. Infact they pay attention to the things we have to say. Also alot of people remember my name, because I went out on a lot of diffrent teams and though out the port I was having people say " hi Ben " it was nice. We also welcomed a new recuits this port as well. They will be knowen as the Lae preship. Which means that I am currently the oldest and the wisest preship on board.... kind of scary actually because time has gone by so fast. What else can I say PNG is an amazing, beautiful country !! Have fun I hope you like the pics !!
God Bless you all !

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Doulos againDoulos again
Doulos again

This is another pic of our ship from the top of a big tower kind of thing. I am not sure what exacly it was but some sort of silo thingy. Anyways someone climbed up there ( with permission of course ) and took some nice shots of the ship from a nice veiw point !
International night International night
International night

Well I have finally be put on the crew for our I-nights ( international night ). This is a pic of my first time doing sound for the show. It was awsome. I really enjoyed it. The venue was an out door place, and they built a stage just for us. It was great. The place was packed with people. Over 1600 people came for the show !!
I-night 2I-night 2
I-night 2

This is a pic of all the people that came to see the show. I think 1500 tickets we made and over 1600 people came. After I the show I heard that the printer of the tickets made a comment that there was no way that all 1500 tickets would sell because the price was too high... well once again God was faithfull and more then what was expected came !!
I-Night 3I-Night 3
I-Night 3

This is just a pic of the stage that was built for us. It was great. We set up all th efalgs and lights and sound equip and everything that night we really well.
Day off Day off
Day off

This is pic of a day off that I had. We ended up finding this old DC-3 that was in the jungle. It was really cool because I was able to say that I have acually flowen in one of those before. I think that it was places there rather then crashed because it was in semi good condition. I climbed up on the wing and then though a window to get inside. It was great !

This is a pic from the pilots place in the place we found. It was fun.
Childrens program Childrens program
Childrens program

This is a pic one of the childrens programs we did. The program was in a local village for all the children of the area. As it tuned out children and parents ended up coming for the program, everyone just crowded around to enjoy the time
Time of sharing Time of sharing
Time of sharing

This is a pic of me sharing a story with the children ( and parents ) during our program. As you can see alot of people came ans just watched. There was alot of people that just came because they were wondering what was happeing as well. So many people ended up seeing our program
School visit. School visit.
School visit.

This is a pic of one of the school visits we had. It was neat because when we arrived I saw a big Co2 tank hanging in the tree. I thought what on earth. But soon I would find out that it was a bell for the kids. Some one came and picked up a rock and hit the tank and it made a big sound. All the children came out and sat on the grass. There were over 1000 kids at the school that came to see the program that we had prepared for them !
in the mountainsin the mountains
in the mountains

Well this is a pic of me, at one of the local mission organizations. The place we went to takes street kids and gives them a job on the plantation and a bed and food. For the work they do they get a place to stay. The local missionarys there hosted a team from doulos for 2 weeks. I was not part of the team but had the chance to go and visit one sunday. The place they had was on top of a mountain with a great view. They also had a swimming pool. Lucky for the team that was stayint there !

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