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Asia » Philippines » Davao del Norte » Samal Island » Samal June 2nd 2012

Finally i have a domain to promote my beloved place called Samal island Pls click the link to be able to read more details in travelling to Samal Island, thank you..dont hesitate to ask questions on how to get here..... read more

Asia » Philippines » Davao del Norte » Samal Island January 11th 2012

One of the best time in visiting Samal Island is summer. Months from March to July is great for diving, snorkelling and other beach activities. Yet, one must not failed to be captivated by the famous sunset facing the Majestic Mt. Apo, the country's highest peak. Going to Talikud island especially in Babusanta this side of the island facing Davao city is a must visit place. Just bring on some extra outdoor stuffs and water since this part of the island have a certain distance for potable water. This hindrances will not suffice your enjoyment since this part of the island is where the famous coral garden underneath lies the vast coral reefs of Samal Island. So this hot summer try some alternative. Go to Samal island in the Philippines. More stories in this read more

Asia » Philippines » Davao del Norte » Samal Island December 20th 2011

It was raining hard and I still want to have a quick quite retreat. Catching up this sunrise in one of the remotest side of Samal Island made my quick retreat worthwhile. More stories from this read more

Asia » Philippines » Davao del Norte » Samal Island May 24th 2011

Adecor a small barangay in Samal Island though much have been said about this small fishing ville. The name ADECOR is tagged along by the famous Aguinaldo Development Corporation who operates pearl farming in Samal Island for almost 30 years .... read more
the red sky
on the great southern part

Asia » Philippines » Davao del Norte » Samal Island April 26th 2011

What can you do if you have less than 24 hours in Davao? Why, get out of your hotel and explore, of course! After surfing on my mobile and asking a few people, I decided to go the following places in Davao to make the most out of my short trip to this peaceful and cosmopolitan place in North Mindanao, Philippines. First stop: SAMAL ISLAND Following the suggestion that I should first visit the farthest place from my hotel, I took a cab to Kilometer 11 in Sasa then a ferry ride to the Island Garden City of Samal. I left very early in the morning to make sure that I can make the most of my day, and it took me less than an hour to get to Samal. There are actually many resorts in ... read more
Davao Museum
Davao Crocodile Park
The Cassowary

Asia » Philippines » Davao del Norte » Samal Island » Samal April 4th 2011

DAVAO is a Metropolitan City and is the Capital of Mindanao, it is a host for numerous activities such as the Pearl Farm White Beach Resort located in Samal Island, the Philippine Eagle Center, Crocodile Park, White Water Rafting, Mount Apo Hiking and the OUTLAND ADVENTURE which I tried in my limited stay in Davao. Davao also has popular restaurants that serves delicious cuisines like the Roadhouse Cafe, Karlyn’s Steak, Coco’s Grill, Nanang Bebeng’s Eat All You Can and Penong’s Barbecue Seafoods and Grill. I arrived at the Davao Airport at 6 in the morning and from there, I took a taxi to Outland Adventure located near the Diversion Road of GAP Farm. I was too early so I waited until it opened at 8 in the morning. While waiting, I already toured the place, ... read more
Happy Loner Traveller In Outland Adventure Davao City, Davao Del Norte
Happy Loner Traveller In Outland Adventure Davao City, Davao Del Norte
Happy Loner Traveller In Outland Adventure Davao City, Davao Del Norte

Asia » Philippines » Davao del Norte » Samal Island January 22nd 2010

The rain stop, the time to get out of our four corner office walls and be with outdoors. After, searching for the perfect spots for skimboarding here in Samal Island finally we landed to Pigasaan, Samal Island . We realized together with my friend that this place calls for grueling adventure plus the challenging trails. Immediately the site of the children playing with their improvised chipped plywood as skim board amazed us. Now that we have a long stretched of sand to dozed around maybe a weekend skim boarding here is an exciting treat. For more information how to get here, please contact me thru this:,, and cell.No. +639392386905 (smart), +639227340192 (sun) read more

Asia » Philippines » Davao del Norte » Samal Island January 14th 2010

Isla Malipano is an island among several Samal islands, just a 5 minute speedboat ride from the more famous Pearl Farm Resort. But first, you must take the 90 minute flight from Manila to Davao, then the 1 hour boat ride to Samal Island's Pearl Farm. ;-) Morning flights to Davao went as early as 6am, but we opted to take the 10am flight. We landed half an hour before noon and the shuttle took us for a short ride to the Pearl Farm jetty port. We were served a buffet lunch just before taking the boat that will ferry us to Samal Island. Pearl Farm is so called because it actually was a Pearl Farm sometime back. But it is now one of the pricey resorts in the country and appeals mainly to honeymooners, ... read more
Ferry to Samal Island
Halfway House
The Samal Suites

Asia » Philippines » Davao del Norte » Samal Island January 11th 2010

Pigasaan, Samal Island known for its rugged trails best suited for hiking. Trail hiking here are short and challenging. How to get here? A ferry ride from Davao City, the terminal site is along the entrance of Sta. Ana Pier, alongside of Magsaysay Park. The Fare is exactly 40 pesos going to Penaplata, upon the arrival at Penaplata Warehouse a fare of 30pesos for habal - habal (negotiate if possible, since there are numerous motorcycle, but do not settle for more than a hundred each.) Negotiate that you should be fetch at the time you agreed with the driver. It's best to pay them half only so you will be assured that they fetch your group. Not more than 2.5 kms.of challenging trails going down to the natural port of Pigasaan, Samal Island creates ... read more
trail ride
top hill house

Asia » Philippines » Davao del Norte » Samal Island January 4th 2010

All about Samal Island’s must visit places ·Samal Island Weekend nowadays are spend with quick nature trip away from the city life. No wonder every weekend the ferry rides in Samal Island are jammed up that every local commuters can observed the traffic along the Sasa highway. Moreover, getting to Samal Island via ferry caused so much stress. On the other hand, most local tourists who came to visit Samal Island are people who want to get on the beach and enjoy the sea. Albeit, going to beach is not the activities that local tourists can do in Samal Island. Like for example, hiking along foot trails here in the island is one of a better activity when in Samal. Walking along Samal island one should keep nature minded and observed how many specie... read more

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