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Asia » Philippines » Cordillera » Sagada December 18th 2010

Our thirst for adventure brought us to the Sumaging and Lumiang caves in Sagada. Once we entered there was no turning back! We spent 3 hours "rock climbing" in bare feet over stalagmites and stalactites. The sound of water trickling underground and the squeaking of a thousand bats made this adventure heart racing and worth every moment.... read more
Cave entrance
Coffin within the cave entrance. In Igorat, the lizard symbolizes long and healthy life.
Starting our three hour Cave Connection adventure..I wish someone told us it was really underground rock climbing

Asia » Philippines » Cordillera » Sagada December 4th 2009

We got to Sagada on an hour long jeepney trip from Bontoc which snaked up and up into the mountains and cloud with it growing ever colder as we went. The last time we'd really needed our fleeces & hats was at Mt Bromo a few months ago back and could easily count on one hand the number of times we'd needed them in our year in Asia. This time we were very glad we'd kept hold of them as they were very needed up here after getting a little too used to the Asian climate! People rave about Sagada and some travellers stay for weeks and weeks but when we arrived we really couldn't see what all the fuss was about. It was really low cloud so we couldn't really see much past the small ... read more
Us on a rock formation
Philip, Chris & Us
Sophie and her birthday breakfast

Asia » Philippines » Cordillera » Sagada January 21st 2009

Finding my way out of Baguio was a bit tricky, but once on the main road towards Sagada it was stunning. The scenery just kept getting better and I had to keep stopping to take photos every few minutes. I reached the Philippine Pali, the highest point of the Philippine road system with no problem. Just after that things started to go a bit wrong. I noticed up ahead that I was so high, the clouds were blowing over the mountain summit across the road in front of me. No option but to go into the clouds, I was very quickly very wet and very cold. Then the weather changed and it got so cold I actually began to shiver uncontrollably! The fact I only had a few T-shirts on made it even worse, but I ... read more
Me, my bike, mountains!
Amazing views!
The first rice terraces

Asia » Philippines » Cordillera » Sagada October 8th 2008

Obwohl wir Batad besucht hatten und stundenlang mit Ausblicken auf Reisfelder gewandert waren, beschlossen wir, uns doch noch, bevor unser Jeepney nach Bontoc abfuhr, den Blick auf die Reisterrassen von Banaue vom Hauptaussichtspunkt zu gönnen. Dieser befindet einige Kilometer westlich des Ortes, und da wir nicht viel Zeit hatten, nahmen wir ein Tricycle. Um ehrlich zu sein hatte ich nicht mehr besonders viel von einem weiteren Blick auf Reisterrassen erwartet, deshalb verschlug es mir beinahe den Atem als ich auf die Plattform trat und das Panorama sah. Dies war der ultimative Reisterrassenblick, von perfekter Schönheit und Kolorierung, absolute unmissbar. Da wir frühmorgens hergekommen waren, lenkten einen weder Souvenirverkäufer, noch andere Touristen von diesem Wunder der Natur und Ingenieurstechnik ab. Die Jeepneyfahrt nach Bontoc (150 P) dauerte zwei Stunden und führte anfang... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cordillera » Sagada April 28th 2008

Cordillera Day is typically held in a large outdoor venue. It is necessary, since the annual 2 day political event is usually held in a remote, indigenous, mountain community that would never accommodate the average 3000 participants. Rice terraces, inactive for the dry season, are cleared, a douzen CRs are dug and a stadium is erected out of bamboo and blue tarps. This year was no exception, and the participants hide from the blistering Abra heat inside a shelter that had been constructed in the days prior by young Filipino men walking delicately across the bamboo beams. Sitting in the shade on the bumpy ground I was surprised to see rows of tiny ants everywhere, working away around our mats and under our discarded flip flops. In complete unison the ants marched with purpose. Noticing them ... read more
Cows hiding from the rain
The Venue

Asia » Philippines » Cordillera » Sagada February 1st 2007

The journey to Sagada, Mountain Province has been well worth it. The escape to the mountains where everything is green, fresh and exhaust free was worth the gruelling 15 hour bus ride. By some power beyond, we made it from Makati, Manila to Quezon City in 30 minutes in the midst of high traffic. And, if I hadn't stressed enough how crazy traffic congestion is , it was by some miracle or our Rally-racing qualified driver who brought us to our destination 5 minutes before departure. WHEW!!!! We knew we were leaving the comforts of US standards when we boarded our A/C bus with no C.R. (bathroom). I promised myself not to drink too much water on this ride. The seats were small and our numb bottoms missed the comfort of our personal transport. We knew ... read more

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