Audge and Amanda

Audge and Amanda

Audge and Amanda

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Love Amanda and Audge from Bali!

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud December 24th 2010

Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Thy flowers are so unchanging; O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Thy palms are so unchanging; Not only green when summer's here, But also when 'we are in Bali sun'. O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Thy palm and flowers are so unchanging! We spent Christmas Eve day weaving our Christmas tree and decorating it in true Balinese style. The amazing family at our home stay taught us how to make offerings, which we used to decorate our tree. They also collected flowers from their property for our tree. It is not home, but we couldn't image a better Christmas experience away from home. To all of our family and friends, we miss you and love you very much. We have spent the past few day sharing Christmas stories and traditions, ... read more
Buying decorative flowers at the local market
Taking a break from all the hard Christmas shopping
Sorting palms for weaving

Asia » Philippines » Ifugao » Banaue December 18th 2010

After a day of hiking narrow trails, through mountain tribe villages, and dozens of rice and vegetable terraces of the central Cordillera mountains, we reached the UNESCO world heritage rice paddies of Batad village. These two thousand year old mud wall terraces were absolutely breath taking, naturally we sat for a long while taking it all in. Batad village, is a community of Ifugao peoples, one of the many mountain tribes living in the Cordillera mountain range. Here, the traditional belief of Animism is still very alive, that is the belief that animals, plants and rocks have souls, along with natural phenomena such as thunder and rivers, and other entities of the natural environment. Amanda and I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to soak in Ifugao culture, staying a night at a homestay in ... read more
Audrey working her magic
A two day adventure through the rice terraces of the Banaue-Batad region
Batad rice fields

Asia » Philippines » Cordillera December 18th 2010

Good-bye beach, ocean and coastal sun...hello cool, crisp mountains! One flight to North Luzon and a 9 hour bus ride later, we arrived in the stunning Cordillera Mountain Range. Our first stop was Kabayan, home to the Ifugao hill tribe people. Nestled at the base of Mt. Timbac (~2400m above sea level) and surrounded by picturesque mountain peaks, we began our 6 hour climb up Mt. Timbac to come face-to-face with 200 year old mummies! Between the grueling hike and pristine conditions of the mummies, we were in a state of aw. The mummification process used by the Ifugao is like none other in the world. The process begins as the person draws in their last breath or directly at the time of death. They are bound in a seated position on a wooden chair that ... read more
Picture time!!
Looking out to the mountains from Kabayan
Kabayan Valley

Asia » Philippines » Cordillera » Sagada December 18th 2010

Our thirst for adventure brought us to the Sumaging and Lumiang caves in Sagada. Once we entered there was no turning back! We spent 3 hours "rock climbing" in bare feet over stalagmites and stalactites. The sound of water trickling underground and the squeaking of a thousand bats made this adventure heart racing and worth every moment.... read more
Cave entrance
Coffin within the cave entrance. In Igorat, the lizard symbolizes long and healthy life.
Starting our three hour Cave Connection adventure..I wish someone told us it was really underground rock climbing

Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Juan November 28th 2010

With the coaching of the local female surf champ, we successfully rode our first waves in the South China Sea. Apparently, "we were good", as she coaxed us onto the big waves of Mona Liza point, there, we quickly gained an immense amount of respect for the boys and gals that make it look easy. Long story short, we survived and caught about a half dozen waves, between gasping for air when the set allowed us (sorry mom!). Despite board rash and a few bruises we love surfing! ... read more
Neighbouring flat
Mona Liza Point, San Juan
Home sweet home

Asia November 14th 2010

Two items officially off our bucket lists: pygmy seahorses and thresher sharks (Amanda, Audrey had a sinus infection). We also added an unexpected item to our lists, partying with 10 dive masters and locals at the Friday night disco, held in the outdoor community basketball court.... read more
guess who just saw a really big thresher shark?..sorry no pics of it.
Audrey, Malapascua
afternoon reflections on life...

Asia November 14th 2010

In a nutshell: 1. Meeting up with friends Susa and Svenja at the Bohol Bee Farm 2. Exploring the Chocolate Hills 3. Face-to-face with one of the smallest prmates in the world 4. Living the life on Alona Beach ... read more
Can you feel are almost there
Local subsistence fishing
Rancho relaxo on Alona Beach

Asia November 14th 2010

Balicasag Island provided some of the most spectacular diving (great visibility, crazy densities of fish and turtles) - we changed our travel plans to continue exploring the reef, and dive here for Amanda's birthday. It was sensational!!... read more
Balicasag Island
Victor (dive master) and dive crew
..more fish and coral.., Marine Reserve, Balicasag Island

Asia November 14th 2010

A short two night stay at the Royal Cliff Resort on Siquijor was as rancho relaxo as it gets. Shore front lodging and hammocks to swing in the gentle ocean breeze. We couldn't resist posting a few pics of the brillant surroundings.... read more
Ocean front dinning
Chill'in hammocks
Hermit crab coming out of his shell

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete October 31st 2010

The bustling city of Dumaguete brought us our first hostel stay…yay! Here, we made three wonderful new friends, Susa, Svennja and Philip, who with we shared Ocktoberfest celebrations, enjoying a few San Miguel beers and good conservation, a hike in the mountains of Negros Oriental, at Twin Lakes, and a day at Apo Island. ... read more
Mmmm street corn!
No matter how hard she tried they wouldn't give Amanda the bottle
Our daily transportation..everywhere in the Philippines (photo by Svenja)

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