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Asia » Philippines » Albay » Legazpi City July 17th 2014

Here we go again, I am about to embark myself on another long odyssey, to set sail again on a set of Provinces. A Second Series but unlike no other, this time, it is bloodier and harder. And I call it “THE SOUTHERN LUZON CHALLENGE”. I, your Pambansang Manlalakbay, Armie “Happy Loner Traveller” Yuson would take an Adventure on these Provinces, namely Quezon, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay and Sorsogon. This challenge is the same as my First Series in Northern Luzon, a 1,500 Philippine Peso Budget for each Province, where and how far would it take me? Would it still be a success for the second time around? Well, here is the story… I was only given six days to complete my mission in these Five Provinces situated in Southern Luzon. My First Province ... read more
Armie Yuson 1b
Armie Yuson 1c
Armie Yuson 1d copy

Asia » Philippines » Albay » Legazpi City August 5th 2013

For so many years now ever since my mom died I promise to myself that there is only one place in the world that I would like to spent half of the year on my retirement years and that place is Legazpi city. For the past to 2 years we were building our retirement home in Legazpi and now it is almost done. This house is a very special house because this used to be our ancestral house and we decided to renovate it when my mom passed away. Legazpi is a very beautiful place and a rising city in the Philippines. Bicolanos(local people) are very friendly and always happy. You can also find one of the most wonders in the world which is mayon volcano with her perfect cone. Bicolanos love spicy foods cooked in ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Albay » Tabaco March 1st 2011

Dedicate a whole day for this. And do it leisurely, as we did. You may take jeepney rides to get around or you may want to hire a car and local guide for the entire day. Route is simply all around Mayon Volcano (all along a lone, long circumferential street!) starting from Legazpi City, and back to the same city. The guide doubles up as your photographer and food guide too. Forget those fancy restaurants, get "dirty" with the more "famous-with-the-locals" eateries and roadside stalls. My best meal was in a roadside eatery called "Let's Pinangat" in Camalig, Albay -- thanks to our Tour Guide Edwin Ala. Padang Memorial From Legazpi City, we drove towards Barangay Biga-a, just 8 kilometers from Mayon Volcano. This place is a PERMANENT DANGER ZONE. And for good reason. Back in ... read more
Padang Memorial: Glory to God
Rural Scene
Parking Area? For Whom or For What? Obviously, this cow declared this her territory.  :))

Asia » Philippines » Albay February 28th 2011

Bicol Express. Sounds like a train to you? That is exactly what it was. The non-stop train from Manila going south to the Bicol Region is called Bicol Express. The train's long gone, and many take the overnight buses now. But the Bicol dish to which it gave its name, remains a favorite popular Bicolano dish. In Albay, we tried this dish in 1st Colonial Grill in Legazpi City and in "Let's Pinangat" , a roadside eatery in Camalig, Albay. Traditional Bicol Cuisine Quite distinct from the local cuisine found in other parts of the country, Bicol is famous for its spicy, coconut cream-based dishes. Local folks here even eat raw "sili" (peppers) dipped in salt to go with their rice. By itself, it is a meal. Just watch them pop the "sili" into their mouths ... read more
Pinangat looks truly "local" served this way.  Wrapped and cooked in coconut cream, they come either meatless or with chunks of either fish or pork.
Guinamos and Sinapot
Legazpi City Airport

Asia » Philippines » Albay » Guinobatan January 13th 2011

OK - you can put the spelling of Airline down to part poetic license, part a commentary on the inability/reluctance of their staff to communicate in English with any alacrity. First of all, I'd like to make it 100% clear that the opinions expressed in this post are mine entirely and in no way reflect the opinions or beliefs of the wonderful crew who provide this Travel Blog which has allowed me to share my travels with you. Today goes down as what will most likely be the low point of our sojourn given its pending expiration date. First the good news - I finally got to meet (yesterday) the street hawker who taught me her locally famous recipe for one of the delicacies that the Bicol region is known for - Almondegas. I won't bore ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Albay » Guinobatan January 13th 2011

In Manila now and hearing some sketchy reports about floods in Vic as well. Excuse the obvious, but it never rains. . . . it pours. Can anyone bring me up to date on exactly where the flooding has been most severe and is our place at Wheatsheaf still a house - or a house-boat?? A post in the comments section will be fine - or email if you prefer... read more

Asia » Philippines » Albay » Guinobatan January 12th 2011

After the obligatory photos arriving at the reception centre, we enter the room. Two things strike me First of all, in the middle of the room was an entire pig that had been roasted - struck me as being Bacchanalian. Second - all the tables were fully set - food and all I looked across at Squish and the other couple and noticed that the other (re)Groom looked misty eyed and emotional. I found out later that it wasn't the wedding - the pig on centre stage was HIS . . . . . . . . So everyone is seated in order and then the MC says something liked DIG IN or words to that effect and people start eating. ALL THE FOOD IS COLD (no surprise I guess). Another thing NO GROG - only ... read more
Girls looking for a HOT Date
Is there hope left???

Asia » Philippines » Albay » Guinobatan January 12th 2011

Tuesday morning came along and I was lucky if i'd slept any more than an hour or so. Between the aches and pains from the fever and the wooden mattress, that was basically a foregone conclusion. By this time the fever has set in fully and I'm feeling like MERDE. I figured I'd shower and get ready a little early, only to be told that I had to wait for the photographer. He laid out all my clobber on the 'bed' and took a bunch of shots of my empty clothes (perhaps for a sale catalogue???). I've been assured this customary in these parts. I then 'showered' ( a couple of buckets and a face washer) and started to get dressed only to be told that the dressing part was to be photographed (and videoed) as ... read more
Principal Flower Girl
Indulge me
A bevy of beauties

Asia » Philippines » Albay » Guinobatan January 12th 2011

Well where do I start. So completely different from anything I've ever experienced before. The clobber for one is very different - the Filipino formal wear is basically any pair of strides, a T-shirt and an item called 'Barong Tagalog'. This is traditionally made of silk and is a very light weight top with (usually) ornate embroidery on the front. I gotta say, for something so light weight and with such an open weave - they're remarkably hot to wear. So let's go back a bit to the Buck's night. Firstly Squish insisted that I disappear and sleep elsewhere for the night, even thought the other (re)Groom stayed at home with his (re)Bride. The Buck's celebrations consisted of tw oof Squish's nephews (approx 14 and 17), a cousin of her's (probably in his 30's), her sister ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Albay January 10th 2011

Well we went to Tiwi Hot Springs with a cast of thousands . . . . . well 15 of us in the car actually. Bit of a tight squeeze, but we made it. The interesting thing about Tiwi Springs is that since they built the Geothermal Power Plant nearby, the plant draws all the heat leaving on Tiwi Springs now - not much help for the local tourist economy. Got some interesting snaps anyway. Tiwi Springs trip.kml I think by now - if you open all kmls in the single instance of Google Earth - you'll see we've circled Mayon... read more
Geothermal plant
Big Boy
Housing estate

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